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Vladimir Putin

Putin loses oil ally in plane crash

FBN’s David Asman and The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s Mary Kissel discusses the Total CEO’s deadly plane crash and its impact on Vladimir Putin and Russia.

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  1. Does U.S. need a stronger coalition against Russia?

    Former Obama Foreign Policy Advisor David Tafuri on what is needed to stop Russia from expanding its influence, particularly over the former Soviet states.

  2. Hypocrisy in potential willingness to work with Iran to fight ISIS?

    FNC’s Katie Pavlich and FNC political analyst Juan Williams on the Obama Administration’s strategy against ISIS.

  3. Ceasefire agreement a defeat for Ukraine and the West?

    FNC strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on the Obama Administration’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

  4. Rep. Ted Poe: U.S. has to take the lead and go after ISIS

    Rep. Ted Poe, (R-Texas), on how the U.S. should deal with the growing threat from ISIS.

  5. Is there really a cease-fire in Ukraine?

    Columnist Michael Weiss on the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the reported cease-fire between the two countries.

  6. Apple devices falling behind Samsung?

    United Advisors Chief Market Strategist Scott Martin, small business expert Susan Solovic and FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Samsung’s new devices and Vladimir Putin ’s plans for a new Russian spaceport.

  7. White House talk, actions not tough enough on ISIS?

    Gen. Jack Keane, U.S. Army (Ret.), on ISIS and the latest on Russia and Ukraine.

  8. Fallout from celebrity photo hacking columnist Carrie Sheffield and comedian Joe DeVito discuss the effects of the celebrity photo hack, and former Rep. Eric Cantor’s new Wall Street job.

  9. Goolsbee: August jobs report particularly important

    Former Council of Economic Advisors chairman Austan Goolsbee gives his outlook for the August jobs report.

  10. Does the U.S. have a strategy against ISIS?

    FNC’s Ed Henry on President Obama’s speech in Estonia.

  11. Dr. Alveda King on ISIS, Ferguson

    Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on ISIS and Ferguson, Missouri.

  12. Would Putin take on other countries beyond Ukraine?

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland on the latest in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and ISIS.

  1. Albania’s PM speaks out on Serbian soccer incident

    Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama on the need for Albania and Serbia to move past the incident to achieve peace and prosperity in the Balkans.

  2. Can the next FOMC meeting save the market?

    Mesirow Financial Chief Economist Diane Swonk discusses the importance of the upcoming FOMC meeting and its impact on the market.

  3. Grant: Gold is the anti-debt monetary asset

    Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer breaks down why he is bullish on gold.

  4. Falling oil prices impacting Russia?

    Kenai Capital Management’s Tres Knippa on why gasoline and oil prices will continue to fall, and their impact on Russia.

  5. President Obama too late in acknowledging U.S. exceptionalism?

    Swiss America Trading Chairman Craig Smith on the Obama Administration’s handling of unrest overseas from Ukraine to ISIS.

  6. Scotland looks to ban nukes if it becomes independent

    FBN’s Peter Barnes on the cost of a nuclear weapon ban in Scotland.

  7. U.S., Europe expand sanctions against Russia

    FNC contributor Judith Miller on concerns about the future of Ukraine.

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