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U.S. Embassy

U.S . Embassy in Ottawa on Lockdown

Fox News Strategic Analyst Col. Ralph Peters with reaction to the multiple shootings in Ottawa, Canada and the threat to the U.S.

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  1. A time of great concern for foreign policy

    Former White House economic adviser Todd Buchholz and Bull Reef Brokerage CEO Scott Shellady on the Fed and foreign policy,

  2. Chaos in Iraq

    Michael Moynihan and Gavin McInnes on the messy situation in Iraq and what the U.S. should do next.

  3. How to navigate the oil market now

    Barclays senior geopolitical strategist Helima Croft and FOX News national security analyst KT McFarland discuss Iraq turmoil and the oil market.

  4. Russia says JPMorgan 'illegally' blocked embassy money transfer

    Russia accused U.S. bank JPMorgan on Tuesday of "illegally" blocking a payment from one of its embassies to an insurance agency "under the pretext of anti-Russian sa...

  5. 2 Americans Killed In Kabul Attack: Reports

    Two Americans were among the 21 mostly Western civilians killed in an attack on a popular restaurant in Kabul on Friday, the U.S. Embassy said Saturday. CNN reports ...

  6. Globetrotting Tips After a Travel Warning

    If you're already an anxious traveler fearful of flying or of foreign places, news of a terrorist threat may be the tipping point that causes you to cancel your plan...

  7. China Holds American Over Pharmaceutical Probe

    A U.S. citizen has been detained in Shanghai in connection with China's ongoing investigation into illegal practices in the pharmaceuticals industry, U.S. embassy sp...

  8. American Detained in Chinese Pharma Scandal

    An American has been detained in connection with investigations sparked by an unfolding corruption scandal in the pharmaceuticals industry in China, a U.S. embassy o...

  9. Citigroup Plans To Open Office In Iraq

    Citigroup Inc. has plans to open an representative office in Iraq, according to release by the firm on Monday, becoming one of the few U.S-based financial firms to h...

  10. Russia Detains U.S. Diplomat It Says Is CIA Agent

    Russia detained a diplomat from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow whom it accused of being an undercover Central Intelligence Agency officer attempting to recruit a member ...

  11. Argentina Seeks Evidence in Ralph Lauren Bribery Case

    Argentina has asked the U.S. government to provide information about alleged bribes that Ralph Lauren Corp. (RL) employees channeled to Argentine government official...

  12. Timeline: Serbia's troubled path to EU accession talks

    The European Commission, the EU's executive arm, recommended on Monday that the bloc begin membership negotiations with Serbia, a milestone in the country's transfor...

  1. Terrorist attack in Canada?

    Fox News Terrorism Analyst Walid Phares with insight into the multiple shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa.

  2. How the U.S. can protect its borders

    Fox News Terrorism Analyst Walid Phares argues we need Canadian-American and trans-Atlantic coordination to fully protect our borders.

  3. Climate change a serious threat to national security?

    FOX News contributor Lt. Col. Ralph Peters discusses how climate change could impact national security and the fight against ISIS in the Middle East.

  4. Stossel 09/18/2014: They're coming to America

    Stossel and guests debate immigration and border security

  5. White House denies politics at play in immigration delay

    Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R-Va), on immigration reform and the Obama Administration’s plan to lift a ban on Libyan pilots and scientists.

  6. Should the U.S. have left Iraq?

    The Independents panel weighs in on the U.S. defense budget and the crisis in Iraq.

  7. Kremlin using propaganda as cover-up?

    The Interpreter editor-in-chief of Michael Weiss explains on the MH17 investigation.

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