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Murray Energy CEO: White House is waging war against my business

Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray on the 'war on coal.'

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  1. Lobbyist sues to regain $31K pension from one day as substitute teacher?

    FBN’s Jeff Flock and Judge Andrew Napolitano break down the details of a retired lobbyist’s lawsuit to regain a $31,000 pension he qualified for by subbing one day at an Illinois school.

  2. President Obama now wants to force you to vote?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the Obama Administration considering a push for mandatory voting.

  3. Dobbs sounds off on call for mandatory voting

    ‘Dobbs’ host Lou Dobbs sounds off on President Obama’s call for mandatory voting and the GOP’s inaction.

  4. Obama going to U.N. for Iran deal?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses whether President Obama can go around Congress to the United Nations for the Iran nuclear deal.

  5. What Netanyahu’s win means for Iran nuclear talks?

    House Committee on Foreign Affairs Rep. Lee Zeldin, (R-NY), on Netanyahu’s win in the Israel elections and what it means for America.

  6. Saudi Prince warns Iran deal may lead to Mideast nuclear fuel race?

    Foundation for Defense of Democracies' Mark Dubowitz on Saudi prince warnings against Iran nuclear deal, Ayatollah’s anti-nuclear Fatwa and Netanyahu’s election.

  7. Racist frat video, or free speech?

    FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on a University of Oklahoma fraternity being shut down over a racist video, the laws of freedom of speech and whether Hillary broke the law.

  8. NRA Exec. V.P.: About a President who hates 2nd amendment

    NRA Executive V.P. Wayne LaPierre on President Obama’s push to ban AR-15 ammunition.

  9. Raising taxes fits with disturbing pattern of President

    Rep. Mark Sanford, (R-SC), and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on President Obama’s potential use of executive orders to raise taxes.

  10. Did Netanyahu win over the American public?

    Independent Women’s Forum Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer, Tangent Capital Managing Partner Bob Rice and FBN’s Cheryl Casone on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress and President Obama potentially using executive actions to raise taxes.

  11. Obama: Immigrants should be ‘gathering up their papers’

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R-VA), on Obama’s comments for immigrants to get their paperwork in order, the fight over his amnesty bill and DHS funding bill.

  12. Florida lawyers’ flyers spark debate over your rights at DUI checkpoints

    MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church on concerns about the legality and impact of a Florida lawyers’ flyers used at DUI checkpoints.

  1. Chris Christie making a comeback?

    ‘Outnumbered’ Co-Host Andrea Tantaros weighs in on Chris Christie’s comeback, comments against legal pot and Marco Rubio’s wife.

  2. South Carolina cop charged with murder after shooting man

    Judge Andrew Napolitano on a South Carolina police officer being charged with murder, and a report about the U.S. secretly tracking billions of calls for decades.

  3. American ISIS members returning to the U.S.?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses ISIS in America and Rand Paul’s potential bid for president in 2016.

  4. Indiana Governor signs fix to religious freedom bill

    American radio personality John Gambling, FNC political analyst Jehmu Greene and The Accountability Project co-founder Nomiki Konst on the controversy over Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law.

  5. Rep. Kelly: No such thing as a red line or deadline with this President

    Rep. Mike Kelly, (R-Pa.), on the framework for a final deal reached in the Iran nuclear talks.

  6. Indiana Governor vows to fix ‘religious freedom’ law

    Attorney Erin Ehrlich and FNC legal analyst Lis Wiehl on the controversy over Indiana’s ‘religious freedom’ law.

  7. Religious Freedom Law under fire

    Berenzweig Managing Partner Seth Berenzweig discusses Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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