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U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Dobbs: Speaker Boehner gets it

FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Republicans taking on President Obama over his immigration executive actions.

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  1. Will Cubans benefit from new Obama policy?

    Freedom to Work Founder Tico Almeida discusses what new Cuba-U.S. relations means for the Caribbean country.

  2. Fact check failure at the center of fake teen trader story?

    ‘MediaBuzz’ Host Howard Kurtz and WSJ’s Mary Kissel weigh in on the debunked teen stock trader story and the journalism industry.

  3. Is America still a consuming economy?

    U.S . Chamber of Commerce Chief Economist Marty Regalia weighs in on American consumerism.

  4. Chamber of Commerce fretting over Obama’s economic strategy?

    U.S . Chamber of Commerce Chief Economist Martin Regalia explains the changes that need to happen to boost economic growth.

  5. Coal returning to dominate energy markets?

    Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) discusses growth in the coal industry.

  6. The real cost of climate change

    NewOak Capital President James Frischling, Republican Strategist Dee Dee Benkie, FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on the impact on the U.S. economy of efforts to improve the environment and how investors can benefit.

  7. American’s pessimistic on economy

    Stifel Nicolaus portfolio manager Chad Morganlander and U.S . Chamber of Commerce chief economist Martin Regalia discuss Americans’ growing optimism and the state of employment.

  8. War on business?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the Obama Administration’s impact on business in America.

  9. Rep. Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty plan a variation on a liberal theme?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to battle poverty.

  10. Fallout of Boeing’s 737 fuselage accident

    Reason Magazine editor-in-chief Matt Welch and Stifel Nicolaus portfolio manager Chad Morganlander on how the train derailment that dumped several Boeing 737 fuselages could impact the aerospace giant’s stock price.

  11. Bulls closing out a good first half

    FBN’s Maria Bartiromo breaks down what you need to know today.

  12. Americans getting hit with high energy costs

    Economist Steve Moore on rising gas prices in the United States .

  1. West coast ports shutting down this weekend in labor dispute

    FBN’s Rich Edson on the mounting pressure for President Obama to step in and resolve the labor dispute impacting west coast ports.

  2. Rep. Darrell Issa: Companies are abusing the H1-B Visa system

    Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.), on why the H1-B Visa system should be reformed.

  3. Boehner invites Netanyahu to address Congress

    Karl Rove , former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, on Speaker Boehner inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress on Iran and the state of the economy and job market.

  4. U.S. the best economy right now?

    U.S . Chamber of Commerce ’s Marty Regalia weighs in on a poll about Americans’ feelings towards the economy.

  5. Chamber of Commerce CEO on supporting federal gas tax hike

    U.S . Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue on President Obama’s effort to help cities provide municipal internet service, a potential federal gas tax hike and the business impact of the shift in U.S. policy on Cuba.

  6. Veto threats hurting President Obama?

    Karl Rove , former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, on President Obama’s threat to veto the Keystone Pipeline and the ObamaCare work-week change.

  7. 2016 to play a major role in future U.S., Cuba relations?

    Freedom to Work President Tico Almeida discusses how the 2016 presidential election could play a major role in U.S.-Cuba relations.

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