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Tom Tancredo

Power Play 8/26/2013: Obama waiting for UN on Syria?

Will Obama wait for UN on Syria strike? Are the President's former advisers cashing in on ObamaCare? Plus - voter ID laws under fire. Chris and guests discuss

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  1. Feds Sue S.C. Over New Immigration Law

    Former Rep . Tom Tancredo on the administration’s response to state’s cracking down on illegal immigration.

  2. Buy a House, Get a Visa

    Former Rep . Tom Tancredo on a proposal to give visas to people who buy a house worth more than $500K in the U.S.

  3. Alabama Begins Enforcing Immigration Law

    Former Congressman Tom Tancredo on the state’s new immigration law and its national implications.

  4. The Hill Report: A New Jobs Package?

    Presdient Obama goes on the offense, pushing a jobs bill to Congress

  5. ‘Fast and Furious’ Fallout

    Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo discusses the extent of the investigation into the Department of Justice.

  6. Did U.S. Supply Guns to Honduran Street Gangs?

    Former Rep . Tom Tancredo , (R-Colo.) on the possible connection between U.S. law enforcement agencies and the captured weapons.

  7. Dump the ATF

    Former Rep . Tom Tancredo argues the ATF is a waste of government funds.

  8. Has Government Failed on Illegal Immigration?

    Former Rep . Tom Tancredo on the need to reform immigration laws.

  9. Report: Unions Dominating Campaign Spending

    Fmr. Reps Tom Tancredo and Martin Frost weigh in on campaign spending.

  10. More than a Mexican Problem

    Former Rep . Tom Tancredo of Colorado on the troubling relationship between U.S. and Mexico.

  11. Tancredo Talks Tough

    Senate Republican Tom Tancredo talks to Fox about the energy crisis the debate about Iran policy that has been launched back to the forefront over concern of the Strait of Hormuz.

  12. The Cost of Citizenship

    David Sounds off on the latest immigration legislation

  1. Power Play 7/12/2013

    The Politics of the Zimmerman trial. Napolitano resigns. Why should we worry about abortion? Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  2. Put a twist on your traditional July Fourth menu

    Chef Billy Oliva's grill recipes

  3. Postgame Wrap-Up: 6/28/13

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  4. The American Dream

    In the midst of a heated immigration reform battle, Stossel's special correspondent Kennedy visits the border and guests debate whether immigration helps or hurts America

  5. Fox News Reporting: The Fight to Control Congress

    Fox News presents an exclusive series of up-close reports on the candidates and races that will decide the fate of the Obama agenda

  6. Stossel - 9/27/12 - Stossel Goes to College

    College students voice their thoughts on liberty

  7. What Role Will Border Control Play in 2012?

    Former Rep . Tom Tancredo on the importance of border security and how the candidates will approach the issue.

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