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Tom Harkin

Power Play: The Race in 90 seconds - Iowa

Chris Stirewalt takes Power Play viewers into Iowa to discuss the 2014 senate race to see who will replace retiring Sen . Tom Harkin (D). Think you know all about this race and this state? Guess again.

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  1. Stossel picks who has been naughty or nice

    FBN’s John Stossel reveals who is on his 2013 ‘naughty or nice’ list.

  2. Was ObamaCare designed to collapse on itself?

    FOX News contributor Monica Crowley weighs in on ObamaCare.

  3. Viewpoint

    The issue: Moving automatic bill payments and direct deposits to a new bank is a needlessly complicated, confusing process that can drag on for months. Closing a ban...

  4. Do we need to cut Social Security or expand it?

    FBN's Dennis Kneale sounds off on the push to save social security.

  5. Critics hammer president's 'partial apology' on ObamaCare

    Reaction from Fox News contributor Monica Crowley

  6. Stossel 10/17/2013: 17,000,000,000,000 Problems

    Stossel asks people how they feel about government spending and the national debt

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  8. Chasing the truth in improvements

    Did Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner convince senators that the ObamaCare exchange wensite has improved since its disastrous Oct. 1 debut - and will continue to improve?

  9. Farm Bill Expires Again as Lawmakers Debate Plan

    Overshadowed by the government shutdown, the U.S. farm subsidy law expired for the second time on Tuesday with lawmakers still deadlocked over how to confront cuts i...

  10. Special Report Online: 9/25/13

    ObamaCare battle rages on Capitol Hill

  11. GOP playing chicken over defunding ObamaCare?

    Will parties come together to avoid shutdown?

  12. Power Play 9/16/2013

    Navy Yard shooting. Plus - Left claims Summers' scalp: Who's next? And uninsured not buying into ObamaCare. Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  1. Future of Retirement: Better or Worse than Today?

    Is the golden age of retirement ahead, or do Americans need more help preparing for their retirements?Pensions are disappearing, and if something isn't done, Social ...

  2. Hits & Misses: 2/1/14

    Misses all around for Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Tom Harkin

  3. State of the Union Address


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  5. Do Bill Clinton's trysts still count?

    Rand Paul slams Bubba. Plus - it's not the districts: Study shows gerrymandering not to blame for divided government

  6. Stossel 12/19/2013: 2013's 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly'

    Stossel and an all-star panel review the year in politics and pop culture along with some insights into what 2014 will bring

  7. Unequal treatment under ObamaCare

    Inside Sen. Ron Johnson's lawsuit to ensure that members of Congress don't get special treatment under President Obama's health care overhaul

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