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Tom Coburn

NFL non-profit challenged

FBN’s Liz MacDonald on why the NFL’s non-profit status is being challenged.

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  1. SMB's Must Stay Within Budget, What About Government?

    Opinion: The business community, especially small businesses, simply can’t operate and plan ahead under the constant cloud of skyrocketing deficits, last minute debt deals, and credit downgrade threats.

  2. Is Impact of Sequestration Cuts as Dire as Lawmakers Claimed?

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on the impact of sequestration cuts.

  3. NRA CEO on the Gun Control Push

    NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre on the push for greater gun control legislation.

  4. Sen. Coburn: Spending Cuts are Right Things to Do for Economy

    Sen . Tom Coburn , (R-Okla.), on the need to cut spending rather than increase taxes.

  5. Details of Planned Defense Cuts

    Rep. Mike Coffman, (R-Colo.), on why there needs to be more flexibility in how the cuts in defense spending are made.

  6. Sequestration Worries Mounting

    National Review Roving Correspondent Kevin Williamson and FNC contributors Judith Miller and Michael Goodwin on the sequestration countdown.

  7. Freshman Lawmaker on Challenges Ahead

    Rep. Markwayne Mullin, (R-Okla.), weighs in on the issues facing Congress and the need for a balanced budget.

  8. What Needs to Be Said at SOTU?

    Former Clinton special counsel Lanny Davis on what President Obama should focus on during his State Of The Union address.

  9. Post Office's Saturday Cut: Too Little, Too Late

    Starting late this summer, consumers can skip checking their mailboxes for any letters, bills or cards on Saturdays.The debt-laden United States Post Office announce...

  10. Why the Markets Ignore CBO Forecasts

    The Congressional Budget Office came out with its closely watched annual forecast of federal spending and revenues Tuesday, which underpins U.S. tax and regulatory p...

  11. Would a Balanced Budget Amendment Lead to Higher Taxes?

    WSJ Editorial Board Member James Freeman, Public Notice Executive Director Gretchen Hamel and Better Markets CEO Dennis Kelleher on efforts to balance the government’s budget.

  12. Republicans Losing Momentum in Opposition to Tax Hikes?

    Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist on potential tax hikes from the health-care law and potential fiscal cliff deal.

  1. Time to amend the American tax code?

    CKE Restaurants CEO Andrew Puzder on corporate tax inversions and the global warming debate.

  2. Independents After Hours: Foreign policy

    NY Times Magazine writer Robert Draper and Fox News correspondent KT Mcfarland discuss the defense budget and costs of fighting a war on the Independents After Hours.

  3. John McCain’s take on the VA scandal

    Senator John McCain on the Veterans Affairs scandal.

  4. Stossel 03/20/2014: Spring Cleaning

    Get out your brooms, spring is here. Stossel is ready to clear out the junk, starting with bloat and waste in government

  5. Senate Banking Committee Backs Yellen To Lead Fed

    The Senate Banking Committee on Thursday backed the nomination of Janet Yellen to lead the Federal Reserve. With 14 yes votes and 8 no votes, senators sent Yellen's ...

  6. Senators Question VA Employees Doing Union Jobs

    Senators Tom Coburn, (R-Okla), and Rob Portman, (R-Ohio), sent a letter Wednesday to Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric Shinseki demanding answers as to why, based on...

  7. Saturday Mail Delivery Could Survive

    The financially beleaguered U.S. Postal Service has suffered a setback in its plan to end Saturday delivery of first-class mail, as Congress advanced a spending bill...

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