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Tom Coburn

Stossel 03/20/2014: Spring Cleaning

Get out your brooms, spring is here. Stossel is ready to clear out the junk, starting with bloat and waste in government

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  1. How can we tackle America's exploding national debt?

    T.W. Shannon on his run for Senate in Oklahoma and his plan to get the national debt under control

  2. Are your taxpayer dollars getting people high?

    Rep. Paul Gosar on 'No Welfare for Weed' bill

  3. Rep. Paul Ryan speaks at CPAC

    Wisconsin Congressman speaks at annual conference for conservative activists

  4. What if ObamaCare problems are not GOP's key to victory?

    Are Republicans to focused on ObamaCare in the midterms and beyond? And is Hillary Clinton distancing herself from the Affordable Care Act?

  5. Sen. Harry Reid calls ObamaCare horror stories ‘untrue’

    FOX News contributor Monica Crowley weighs in on Harry Reid’s comments about ObamaCare ‘horror stories.’

  6. ObamaCare bad for the nation's fiscal health

    Sen . Tom Coburn releasing report that blasts Affordable Care Act for dramatically increasing government spending and fueling the national debt

  7. New 'fish' study fueling debate over gov't waste

    Sen . Tom Coburn sounds off

  8. War fighters, not bureaucrats bear brunt of cuts

    Massive cuts to defense budget. Plus - a look at 2016.

  9. Sen. Burr on CBO ObamaCare report, GOP health care plan

    Replublican alternative to health care law

  10. Obama, Dems seek to keep the base engaged

    Power Play: Obama and Pelosi stick to the script: "It's the House GOP's fault" Plus - GOP Establishment vs. Tea Party in key battleground states

  11. Democrats plan ObamaCare strategy for 2014 midterms

    Insight from Fox News contributors Pete Snyder and Julie Roginsky

  12. ObamaCare? What ObamaCare?

    Who are the most vulnerable Senate Democrats? Plus - Primary battles take shape in Okalahoma and Nebraska and the war on coal continues

  1. Steve Doocy gets a look at his family lineage

    Author Yvette Corporon puts her research skills to the test to dig up family secrets of Steve Doocy. Here's what she found out. And you can do your own family research on, which is offering a 30% discount if you use the code #CYPRESSWHISPERS

  2. Does President Obama deserve standing ovation for ObamaCare?

    Sen . Tom Coburn weighs in

  3. ObamaCare's prognosis: More expensive, less choices

    Doctor-Sens. Tom Coburn and John Barrasso give a long-term evaluation of President Obama's Affordable Care Act

  4. ObamaCare reducing the number of uninsured Americans?

    Former Obama Senior Health-Care Advisor David Cutler on the outlook for ObamaCare enrollments.

  5. Do Republicans have an alternative to ObamaCare?

    Sen. Rand Paul weighs in

  6. Sen . Tom Coburn on tax payers bill to nowhere

    Lawmaker pushes plan to make sure we know what your taxes are paying for

  7. Oklahoma's T.W. Shannon aims for Coburn senate seat

    T.W. Shannon discusses his candidacy to fill the senate seat being vacated by Sen . Tom Coburn .

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