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Thomas Jefferson

Some U.S. towns starting to ban sledding

Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses why some U.S. towns are banning sledding.

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  1. DOJ trying to work with Democrats on IRS probe coverage?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on reports of a DOJ official accidentally calling Rep. Issa instead of Rep. Cummings.

  2. Top 4th of July travel destinations Senior Editor Jeanenne Tornatore on how to get last-minute travel deals for the July 4th weekend.

  3. Andy Card: Iraq happened because the U.S. dropped the ball

    Former President George W. Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card on the violence in Iraq.

  4. Celebrating the Gettysburg Address

    Filmmaker Ken Burns on his new PBS documentary on the importance of the Gettysburg Address.

  5. John Stossel on Obama’s budget plan

    FBN’s John Stossel weighs in on President Obama’s budget plan.

  6. Better Off Broke: Why Some Choose Poverty Over Wealth

    A shocking truth: Not every American craves a high-powered job, big house, luxurious vacations and stockpiled cash. In fact, some not only eschew such things, they'v...

  7. Leadership 101 for Professionals (and Anthony Weiner)

    "Whenever you do a thing," said Thomas Jefferson, "act as if all the world were watching."  That is a critical leadership lesson for managers and business leaders (a...

  8. Why Founders Matter: The Men's Warehouse Folly

    Founders aren't just figureheads; they are the foundation of the business.Successful companies are the offspring of their founders and are rooted in the personality,...

  9. Life Insurance Payout on An Installment Plan?

    Someone receiving a large sum of life insurance proceeds all at once could just as easily blow it all in one fell swoop. Some consumers have expressed worry about en...

  10. 10 Unexpectedly Great States for Retirement

    10 Unexpectedly Best States for RetirementWhat are the best states for retirees? The popular answer seems to be anywhere along the Sun Belt, where retiring Americans...

  11. No Lump Sum for you

    When it comes to life insurance, you may think beneficiaries can only receive payments in a lump sum.But there's another option some insurers are beginning to offer ...

  12. How Much Do You Know About American History?

    Comedians Rob Bartlett and Tony Powell ask average Americans questions from the U.S. Citizens test.

  1. Supreme Court trivia with the Independents

    Fox News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl and Reason Magazine Senior Editor Peter Suderman play Supreme Court trivia with the Independents.

  2. Stossel 10/16/2014: We the people

    'Founder John' discusses the importance of the Constitution

  3. Who were the richest Presidents? Does it hurt or help?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the richest American Presidents and how they got their wealth.

  4. ‘Founder’ John Stossel’s take on the Constitution

    FBN’s John Stossel’s take on the Constitution and today’s government.

  5. Do you approve of ISIS airstrikes?

    Former White House Economic Adviser Todd Buchholz and AEI scholar Michael Rubin discuss the U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS.

  6. Stossel 09/11/2014: Combating terror

    Now, 13 years after 9/11, are we fighting terror effectively?

  7. Stossel 08/28/14: The Green Monster

    Stossel and guests debate whether the EPA has gone too far with regulations

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