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Bernanke gives upbeat assessment of economy to U.S. senators

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday offered an optimistic view on the U.S. economy's prospects to Democratic senators, but warned that "tough decisions" were ahead on dealing with long-term budget deficits and healthcare costs, according to lawmakers present.Bernanke, whose term as chairman ends on January 31, told a private lunchtime meeting with senators that the reduction in federal budget deficits and the country's improving energy position were "all positives" contributing to a healthier U.S. economy, according to Senator Thomas Carper of Delaware.Carper added that Bernanke said that "the next several years are more encouraging, but we can't forget those long-term challenges and they involve among other things programs that are concerned with healthcare."An aging U.S. population will put increasing pressure on the federal government as it struggles to provide retirement and healthcare benefits to the elderly, poor and disabled.Bernanke did not speak to reporters upon...

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  1. How to Save the USPS

    Senator Tom Carper , (D-Del.), on what needs to be done to get the Postal Service back on track.

  2. Grapevine: Columnist rips on Romney religion

    Apologizes for Mormon-related remark

  3. Uncut: Scott Brown, nation's most bipartisan senator?

    Mass. senator discusses launching his reelection campaign, why he is a 'bridge-builder' in a divided Congress

  4. Can Cuts be Made to Defense Spending to Reduce Deficit?

    Sen . Tom Carper , (D-Del.), on how defense spending can be streamlined to reduce the deficit.

  5. Sen. Carper: Need to Follow Bowles-Simpson Approach

    Sen . Tom Carper , (D-Del.), sounds off on unpredictability and uncertainty in the government.

  6. POWER PLAY: Perry Calls Obama Hogwash

    Gov. and presidential potential Rick Perry said Obama's warnings about the debt ceiling are overstated

  7. POWER PLAY: Centrist Dem says Fix the Disease

    Sen. Carper tells Chris Stirewalt that congressional leaders are getting hung up on symptoms instead of the disease in the debt ceiling debate

  8. Americans Answer Obama's Call, Contact Lawmakers

    Americans wasted little time Tuesday answering President Barack Obama's request to make their voice heard on the looming debt crisis, crashing websites with e-mails ...

  9. Debt Negotiations Further Apart Than Ever?

    Sen. Ron Johnson weighs in on competing bills

  10. Carper: Pols Can Reach Agreement on Debt Talks

    Sen . Tom Carper , (D-Del.), discusses plans to create jobs and boost the economy.

  11. Taxes Holding Up Debt Deal?

    Sen . Tom Carper , (D-Del.), on how the debate over taxes is impacting efforts to reach a deal over the debt ceiling.

  12. Is the Post Office the Next Bailout?

    Fmr. CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Americans for Prosperity Founder Tim Phillips on a potential bailout of the U.S. Post Office.

  1. Debt ceiling a first step towards entitlement, tax reform?

    Sen . Tom Carper , (D-Del.), and Sen. John Hoeven, (R-ND), on the debt ceiling and efforts to achieve long-term spending and tax reforms to boost the economy.

  2. Sen. Corker: 'Border surge' solves security problem

    Is Corker-Hoeven amendment key to immigration reform?

  3. Senator reveals 'Victims of Government'

    Wis. Sen. Ron Johnson unveils new project aimed at showing how big government hurts everyday Americans

  4. Goldman hires Citigroup lobbyist Amy Overton

    Citigroup Inc lobbyist Amy Overton is leaving the bank for Wall Street rival Goldman Sachs Group Inc.Overton, 43, will handle a broad range of issues for Goldman, a ...

  5. Post Office Looks to New Congress for Rescue

    The U.S. Congress that expired this week might have steered the nation away from the "fiscal cliff" of potentially devastating tax hikes and spending cuts, but it di...

  6. U.S. Postal Service to Default Again

    The struggling U.S. Postal Service expects to default this weekend, the second time in recent months the cash-strapped agency will have missed a deadline to set asid...

  7. Team Obama works to mend fences with labor

    Union campaign contributions down after Charlotte convention decision

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