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Ted Kennedy

Governor Brownback: Tax cuts helping Kansas' economy

Governor Sam Brownback on the economic solution improving his state

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  1. Book claims Clintons keep 'saints and sinners' list

    Fox News contributor Karl Rove weighs in

  2. Power Play 12/6/2013: Obama lobbed softball questions

    The world reflects on the life of Nelson Mandela as Obama sits down for a softball interview. Plus - Is one party control of Washington a good thing?

  3. Rick Santorum on ObamaCare site launch, GOP divide

    Former presidential candidate speaks out

  4. Power Play 11/19/13: President Romney?

    Team Obama tries to rally for late-term abortion. Plus - meet the congressman personally affected by ObamaCare.

  5. Bias Bash: Is media trying to spin GOP message?

    Cal Thomas explains how news outlets are unfairly criticizing Republicans but praising Democrats

  6. Brain cancer breakthrough, no-cut biopsy, sugar risk

    Fox Health Fix: Rick Leventhal reports on the top health headlines of the week

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  8. GOP opportunity from shutdown?

    Political analyst Carl Jeffers on college football, sports broadcasters, racial profiling at Barney’s and the GOP.

  9. Why a majority of Americans remain opposed to ObamaCare

    Republicans not deterred by a hit in the polls

  10. Vitter fights to end ObamaCare subsidies for Congress

    Republican senator on 'Fox & Friends'

  11. JFK's Influence 50 Years Later

    Author Dr. Larry J. Sabato talks about his new book "The Kennedy Half Century" about how JFK still influences our media and every president since him.

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  1. War fighters, not bureaucrats bear brunt of cuts

    Massive cuts to defense budget. Plus - a look at 2016.

  2. Bias Bash: Boehner getting a bad rap?

    Ellen Ratner on how the media keeps questioning if Speaker Boehner is fit for the office

  3. Stossel 01/09/2014: Equality vs. Liberty

    Is it unfair that some people make more money than others? Stossel looks at the issue of income inequality

  4. Hollywood glamorizing e-cigarettes?

    ‘Redeye’ co-host Andy Levy on e-cigarettes and the minimum wage debate.

  5. Hume: 'Spiteful' actions of Christie's vs. Clinton's staffs

    Inside the culture of political friends, enemies

  6. Gutfeld: Hell hath no fury like Hillary scorned

    Clinton claims that America doesn't do enough for women. You can fix it by electing her

  7. Secrets to longevity

    One minute coffee is good for you, and then it’s bad for you. Same goes for wine. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide to longevity that is easy to understand? Dr. Manny sits down with Dr. David Agus about his book “A Short Guide to a Long Life” for tips on ways to live longer

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