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Tea Party Backlash

Rand Paul: 'I'm not afraid to challenge the president'

Uncut: Potential 2016 candidate summarizes CPAC message, takes on the state of ObamaCare, his NSA lawsuit, the need for a more diverse, versatile Republican Party and how to handle Putin

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  1. Do Bill Clinton's trysts still count?

    Rand Paul slams Bubba. Plus - it's not the districts: Study shows gerrymandering not to blame for divided government

  2. Latina Actress Claims Endorsement Cost Her Her Job

    Latina actress Maria Conchita Alonso claims she lost her job because of her endorsement of a California Tea Party candidate.

  3. Actress says endorsing Tea Party candidate cost her her job

    Maria Conchita Alonso leaves play due to political backlash

  4. Who can we trust to investigate the IRS targeting scandal?

    Justice Dept. faces backlash for finding no evidence to warrant criminal charges

  5. Power Play 1/13/2014: Obama’s clout on trial

    Handicapping 2016 and more revelations from Secretary Gates' book. Plus - Supreme Court argues Obama's ability to make recess appointments

  6. Christie aims to repair public trust, image after scandal

    N.J. governor in damage control mode over bridge block

  7. Big trouble for Chris Christie

    New Jersey Governor gives press conference on bridge scandal

  8. Hume on the best, worst things in bipartisan budget plan

    Analysis of the bill's impact

  9. Has compromise returned to Capitol Hill?

    Rep. Paul Ryan on his bipartisan budget deal

  10. Bias Bash: Cruz takes heat for praising Mandela?

    Talk Radio News Service's Justin Duckham on media reporting on false backlash from Sen. Ted Cruz's comments

  11. Can NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s political approach work nationally?

    Former UBS Chairman Joe Grano on Gov. Chris Christie’s re-election in New Jersey.

  12. Ken Cuccinelli talks health care issues, jobs

    Virginia attorney general takes Center Seat

  1. The Tea Party Patriots turn five

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  2. Immigration, ObamaCare top agenda at governors' meeting

    Govs. Scott Walker and Peter Shumlin on 'Fox News Sunday'

  3. Gutfeld: Hollywood gets the right wrong... again

    The politics of 'House of Cards'

  4. Obama, Dems seek to keep the base engaged

    Power Play: Obama and Pelosi stick to the script: "It's the House GOP's fault" Plus - GOP Establishment vs. Tea Party in key battleground states

  5. MSNBC and liberal hypocrisy on racism exposed

    MSNBC tweet that says the 'right wing' opposes biracial families is just the latest example of liberal smearing of conservatives

  6. Executive action threat a sign of presidential desperation?

    Insight from Fox News political analyst Juan Williams and Fox News contributor Jonah Goldberg

  7. Obama has a pen, but it ain't so mighty

    Sen. Hoeven on State of the Union expectations. Plus - Obama alienates Congress

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