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Internal Revenue Service

IRS targeting scandal adding to White House credibility issues?

Rep. Mike Kelly, (R-Pa.), on the many scandals weighing on the White House.

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  1. IRS getting more power over health care?

    Fmr. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and former George W. Bush HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson on the Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation, the IRS and ObamaCare.

  2. Last Minute Tax Filing Tips

    The countdown is on! Only a few days left until April 15, the deadline for filing individual income tax returns, which includes Schedule C for sole proprietors.

  3. Direct link between Lois Lerner and the White House?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger weighs in on Lois Lerner, the IRS scandal and President Obama.

  4. 'Clear and compelling' evidence Lois Lerner abused her power

    Rep. Brady wants criminal charges pursued in IRS targeting case

  5. Taking a Short-Term Loan From Your IRA

    Dear Dr. Don, My question is a simple one. Can I withdraw money from my individual retirement account for 60 days?Thanks, -Alex AdvanceDear Alex,Like your question, ...

  6. Paying YourTax Bill With Prepaid Cards

    Dear Cashing In,To meet a minimum spending requirement on a new credit card, I've been using it to buy Vanilla Reload prepaid cards, loading them to a Bluebird card,...

  7. Red Flags That Tempt the Tax Auditor

    It is the most dreaded letter a taxpayer can receive.Dear Taxpayer, Some of the information that you provided to us does not agree with the information we received f...

  8. Traditional IRAs Make Tax Sense for Some Filers

    When it comes to individual retirement accounts, you have several choices. All offer some tax savings. The big difference is when, exactly, you get those savings.For...

  9. Criminal case against Lois Lerner?

    House committee to press DOJ

  10. Questions Business Owners Ask Every Tax Season

    Filing taxes for the average consumer can become complex. It’s even tougher for small business owners to navigate our ever-changing tax code to make sure they are claiming all the right deductions and write offs.

  11. What are the Roth IRA Rules?

    Retirement accounts get added attention during tax-filing season. That's because you must put money in an individual retirement account no later than the April retur...

  12. Reporting Your Investment Earnings

    You call it making your money work for you. The Internal Revenue Service calls it unearned income. Regardless of the name, the tax collector wants to know how much y...

  1. IRS not your ‘friend’ on Facebook?

    Republican National Committee’s Sean Spicer, Tea Party Patriots’ Keli Carender and Citizens for Self-Governance President Mark Meckler on reports the IRS is using social media to go after tax cheats.

  2. Take these Steps If You Did Your Taxes Wrong

    You know that feeling when finish writing an email, press "send" and immediately realize you made a mistake (aka one of the worst feelings ever)? Once you're done ye...

  3. IRS Offers Payment Options for Hefty Tax Bills

    If this year's tax-filing deadline will be a "pay" day for you and you don't have the cash, the Internal Revenue Service gives you several payment options.First, eve...

  4. Sigh of Relief: IRS Audit Rates Lower than Ever

    Gisele Bundchen is feeling the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service after being placed at the top of the Forbes Supermodel Rich List for the seventh year in a row. ...

  5. How to file an income-tax extension with the IRS

    Tuesday is the deadline for filing your 2013 federal income tax return to the Internal Revenue Service this year. But do you need to file for an extension? Thankfull...

  6. Scammers Want Your Medical Records...Here's Why

    Turns out, it's not just your personal financial information scammers and thieves are after--they're also looking for ways to get their hands on your private medical...

  7. How to Use a Coverdell Account for Children's Education

    Among the various tax-favored college payment plans is the Coverdell Education Savings Account, previously known as an education IRA. And Coverdell accounts are earn...

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