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Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson to sell team after racially-charged email

Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland and The Daily Beast Senior Editor Will Rahn on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposed tax plan and the scandal surrounding Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson.

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  1. Clearing up taxpayers’ questions

    Americans for Tax Reform’s Mattie Duppler, Diversified Private Wealth Advisors’ Dominick Tavella and Wealth Health Manager Rich Coppa answer viewers’ tax questions.

  2. Gay Marriage Makes Its Way to Supreme Court

    National Journal Contributing Editor Stuart Taylor Jr. on the Supreme Court case surrounding gay marriage and the benefits associated with it.

  3. Everyone Needs a Will

    Planning for the event of your death isn't a fun topic. But dying without a will means giving up control of how your assets are distributed and who will take care of...

  4. Taxes That Lower Your IRS Bill

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. That philosophy works well in tax season, when you can use some tax payments to lower your IRS bill.By itemizing deductions, you can...

  5. A Spouse's Right to Life Insurance Money

    Much to your surprise, you find out that someone else is the beneficiary on your spouse's life insurance policy.As a husband or wife, don't you have an automatic rig...

  6. Here's Proof Our Tax Code is too Complicated

    Here's a headache-inducing situation:A client called the other day wondering if she could claim her daughter June as a dependent because she provided more than 50% o...

  7. 3 Tax Tips You Need to Know Heading Into 2014

    The budget deal that Congress and President Obama struck at the beginning of the year to avoid the fiscal cliff resulted in seven tax increases. If you throw in the ...

  8. Tax Moves Boomers Should Make Now

    No one likes to talk taxes amidst all the holiday cheer and end-of-year festivities, but for baby boomers who are on a fixed income and are either nearing or in reti...

  9. 10 Tax Law Changes You Need to Know About

    Our country's tax code is long and complex and is regularly getting changed by lawmakers, making it hard to keep up with all the updates.This year's major tax law ch...

  10. Giving Gifts? You May Get a Tax Bill

    Did you know that when you give gifts to your family, friends, and loved ones that the IRS has an interest in it? It's true. While the IRS doesn't care a lot about t...

  11. Tips for Picking the Right Life Insurance Plan

    Talking about death can be an uncomfortable conversation for anyone, but proper financial planning can ease any nerves that your family will be taken care of after y...

  12. Tips for Boomers Looking to Hand Down the Family Business

    Baby boomers who started their own small business and are ready to hand over the reins should choose their successor with careful thought.Launching and running a suc...

  1. Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes estate tax on wealthy Americans

    Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on Sen. Sanders’ proposed estate tax plan.

  2. Pat Boone sounds off on the ‘death tax

    60 Plus spokesman Pat Boone on the economy and the ‘ death tax ’ repeal act.

  3. Rep. Brady: Repeal the federal estate tax

    Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) on the federal estate tax and the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange.

  4. Norquist: GOP-led states reduced taxes by $36B since 2011

    Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist on tax differences in red and blue states.

  5. Stossel 04/10/14: Taxing Time

    Why is US tax law so complicated and confusing? Stossel and guests discuss better solutions

  6. The Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes You Can Make

    Estate planning is a conscious approach to organizing your personal and financial affairs in order to deal with the possibility of mental incapacity and death. The b...

  7. What documents should I take to the tax preparer?

    How can you save money when employing a CPA or other tax pro? By being prepared. Be willing to do some advance work, and bring the right documents to your appointmen...

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