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Bush Tax Cuts

Shiller calls for more taxes to help solve income inequality

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, Penn Financial Group president Matt McCall, and United Advisors chief market strategist Scott Martin discuss income inequality.

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  1. How America's looming tax problem weighs on your retirement

    Damon Roberts and Matt Deaton of Acute Financial have advice for individuals to become more tax efficient

  2. A Tale of Two Presidents: Debt Edition

    How has Obama's financial rhetoric changed over the years?

  3. Power Play 9/16/2013

    Navy Yard shooting. Plus - Left claims Summers' scalp: Who's next? And uninsured not buying into ObamaCare. Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  4. You’re Not Buying

    Former Reagan advisor Art Laffer weighs in on weak retail spending in the United States.

  5. The Fight Over Austerity

    Stossel explains why he calls himself an "austerian" and his guests will show why budget cuts aren't as big or bad as you may have heard

  6. To Cut or Not to Cut?

    Freedomfest founder Mark Skousen and author Robert Kuttner debate the need for government spending cuts.

  7. At the Heart of DC's Fight with Apple

    "They offload Apple's tax burden onto other taxpayers – in particular, onto working families and small businesses. The lost tax revenue feeds a budget deficit that h...

  8. Union Fighting to Keep Koch Brothers Out of L.A.

    Frontline Strategies’ Mark Standriff on the efforts to fight for the L.A. Times.

  9. Chinese search engine Baidu is a winner

    By Sherman LeeEntering into the new year, market turbulence and fiscal cliff fears subsided as Senate Democrats and Republicans reached a deal to extend most of the ...

  10. The George W. Bush Library dedication

    Karl Rove’s thoughts on the interaction between the five living presidents

  11. Huckabee: We need to eliminate the tax code

    The Gov reacts to higher taxes

  12. Patriotic Millionaires Ready to Open Wallets Again?

    CampusWorks Inc.’s Eric Schoenberg on the proposed tax increase that would impact the wealthiest Americans.

  1. ObamaCare stalling small business owner's American Dream?

    Matt Sames updates his story

  2. Tax cuts not a boost to economy, jobs?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Rep. David Camp’s tax reform proposal.

  3. 101-year-old running for Congress in Florida

    Why has he decided to jump into the mix?

  4. Battle for the soul of the Democratic Party

    What role will the far left play?

  5. Power Play 10/21/13: The ObamaCare mess

    Obama tries damage control on health law. Plus - budget battles resume and Hillary stumps for McAuliffe

  6. Rand Paul: Obama 'Irresponsible' To Suggest Default

    Senator Rand Paul: Obama 'Irresponsible' To Suggest U.S. May Default, FOX News Contributors React

  7. Retirement and the Looming Tax Problem

    If you ran into Uncle Sam these days you would see he is looking pretty tired.  The national debt he has been carrying around is growing larger and larger and its we...

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