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Answers to 10 Tough Debt Questions

If getting out of debt and staying out of debt were easy, everyone would do it. With over $3 trillion in consumer debt outstanding, that's clearly not the case. Here are some answers to readers' most common questions on dealing with debt.Should I borrow from my 401(k) or IRA to pay off debt?By jumping ahead directly to solutions, you might end up solving the symptom but never addressing the cause of your problem. My suggestion is to fix today's problems with today's resources and look forward to a better life tomorrow. Read moreMy ex-spouse was assigned certain debts in our divorce, but is not paying and is ruining my credit. What can I do?If you are a joint owner on the account, the creditor is within its legal rights to attempt to collect the debt from you, and the charge-off for this debt will stay on your credit report. Ask your attorney about having the court hold your ex in contempt for not living up to his divorce decree. Read moreAre my Social Security benefits protected from b...

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  1. How Long Will a Judgment Stay on Your Credit?

    Dear Debt Adviser,I have a judgment and collections account on my credit report for an old debt. The collections account is scheduled to expire from my report in Sep...

  2. Writing Was on the Wall for Cyprus 17 Months Ago

    FBN's Ashley Webster breaks down how the Cyprus crisis unfolded.

  3. Piraeus buys Cyprus bank units in Greece for 524 million euros

    Greece's Piraeus Bank agreed to buy the operations of stricken Cypriot banks in Greece for 524 million euros, the lender said on Tuesday, in a deal hastily cobbled t...

  4. Piraeus to buy Cypriot banks' Greek units for 524 million euros

    Greece's Piraeus Bank said on Tuesday it agreed to buy the branches of all three Cypriot banks in Greece for 524 million euros ($675.04 million) in cash.The deal con...

  5. Wall Street Slumps on Cyprus Jitters

    FOX Business: Capitalism Lives Here Mixed messages from the European Union on whether the Cyprus bank levy will be a one-time event rattled market confidence Monday....

  6. Cyprus in Crisis Mode

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald says that there may be a deal struck for Cyprus over the weekend, though the bank tax may stay in place.

  7. What happens if Cyprus can't agree a "Plan B"?

    The European Union has given Cyprus until the close of business on Monday to come up with a plan to raise nearly 6 billion euros and secure an international bailout....

  8. Cyprus Turmoil Shakes Wall Street, Stocks Sink

    FOX Business: Capitalism Lives HereA discord between Cyprus and its international partners over a critical bailout threatened to ignite a liquidity crisis in the alr...

  9. Cyprus, Tech Slide Drive Stocks into the Red

    FOX Business: Capitalism Lives HereSelling on Wall Street picked up steam Thursday morning as a slew of mostly positive reports on the state of the U.S. recovery wer...

  10. CareerBuilder: 28% of Companies Can’t Find Qualified Workers

    FBN’s Diane Macedo breaks down the stories moving the markets ahead of the trading day.

  11. ECB Sets Monday Deadline for Cyprus Deal

    FBN’s Diane Macedo breaks down the stories moving the markets around the world.

  12. Cypriots Prefer Euro-zone Exit Over EU Tax: Report

    An overwhelming majority of the citizens in Cyprus would rather leave the euro zone than accept an unprecedented levy on bank deposits as part of bailout package, Gr...

  1. Gasparino: Bank tax is a job killer

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on concerns over regulation driving down employment.

  2. Despite Settlement, Demands to Repay Old Debt Resurface

    Dear Let's Talk Credit,I paid off a credit account, which I thought was paid in full when the payment was made. I now found out that I paid a settlement on the accou...

  3. Happily ever after with Trista Sutter

    Trista Sutter author of Happily Ever After-The Life changing Power of a Grateful Heart joined Brian Kilmeade to speak about her book and what the last 10 years have been like for her after appearing on the hit ABC reality show The Bachelorette

  4. How Will the New Mayor Influence Wall Street?

    Marist Institute for Public Opinion Director, Lee Miringoff, weighs in on yesterday’s New York City Mayoral Election and shares his thoughts on how the new mayor will impact Wall Street.

  5. Debit card overdrafts can cost you big bucks

    The overdraft program on your debit card lets you, for example, buy a $3 latte at the local java joint even when your account is out of funds. Sounds like a nice per...

  6. Debt Lingers on Credit Report Even After Garnishment, Repayment

    Dear Let's Talk Credit,If my wages were garnished to repay a secured loan I took out years ago, should the loan still be showing on my credit report as a charge-off?...

  7. Can Creditors Drain Your Parents' Accounts, Too?

    Dear Debt Adviser, This morning, I found out my checking account has been drained of its entire balance. Customer service told me that there was a bank levy placed o...

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