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Syrian Protests

Will Obama keep Prayer Breakfast promise in Saudi Arabia?

President claimed promoting religious freedom abroad is a priority

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  1. Covering Ukraine under occupation

    News organizations scramble to cover Russian invasion of Crimea

  2. Is the GOP cheering for Putin?

    Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain on the politics of the crisis in Ukraine

  3. Does Obama's foreign policy stance making him look weak?

    Reaction to handling of Ukraine crisis

  4. Independents After-Show on Venezuela

    The Daily Beast’s Michael Moynihan and Takimag’s Gavin McInnes weigh in on Venezuela.

  5. Did Sarah Palin predict the Ukraine crisis back in 2008?

    Former vice presidential candidate says Obama is not exercising 'peace through strength'

  6. Huckabee: Obama’s mistake was trusting Putin

    Gov. Mike Huckabee reviews debate comments from Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney regarding the threat in Russia.

  7. Gov. Huckabee on the persistent threat of Iran to Israel

    What more should the U.S. do?

  8. Why the crisis in Kiev matters

    Growing concern over Russia's influence in Ukraine

  9. Will Ukraine ultimately side with the West or Russia?

    Reaction from Sens. Dick Durbin and Kelly Ayotte

  10. What's next for Ukraine?

    Bill Richardson breaks down deal, U.S. options

  11. How is US diplomacy viewed in the world today?

    American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin on how the White House handles overseas conflicts like Ukraine

  12. Debating Obama's leadership on the world stage

    President's inconsistent foreign policy criticized after response to Ukraine crisis

  1. White House missed the signs of the Arab Spring

    ‘The Lost Spring’ author Walid Phares on the White House’s handling of the Arab Spring.

  2. Russian Economic Cost Of Crimea Seizure Mounts

    The economic impact of annexing Crimea from Ukraine could drive Russia into a sharp recession this year even if the West stops short of trade sanctions, the World Ba...

  3. Overly obsessed with the missing plane?

    FNC contributors Jedediah Bila and Santita Jackson join the Independents to discuss the missing plane.

  4. Is Venezuela the next Ukraine?

    Former Venezuelan Congressman Leopoldo Martinez on the growing protests against President Maduro

  5. Did former Ukrainian president really have a heart attack?

    Report: Yanukovych in 'grave' condition in Moscow hospital

  6. Russia's Role in Egypt's Presidential Campaign

    His name is Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi and by late April 2014 the highly-regarded 59-year-old field marshal could be Egypt's next president. It would come as no surprise, ...

  7. Five myths about the Ukraine crisis

    Aaron David Miller offers his expertise on conflict with Russia

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