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Syrian Civil War

White House policies adding to unrest in Middle East?

FBN’s Lou Dobbs on concerns about the Obama Administration’s strategy in the Middle East.

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  1. Obama pens secret letter to Iran on fighting ISIS?

    American Islamic Forum for Democracy’s Dr. Zuhdi Jasser weighs in on reports about a secret letter sent from President Obama to Iran’s Khamenei on fighting ISIS.

  2. Dr. Jha: It takes a highly specialized effort to handle Ebola

    Harvard School of Public Health Professor Dr. Ashish Jha on the importance of having specially trained people to handle Ebola and Harvards travel advisory on Ebola stricken countries.

  3. Why Turkey won’t fight ISIS

    Ret. Gunnery Sgt. Jesse Jane Duff and Chris Harmer of The Institute of the Study of War discuss why Turkey remains reluctant to join the fight against ISIS.

  4. Dr. Richard Haass talks Ebola, ISIS threats

    Council on Foreign Relations President Dr. Richard Haass weighs in on the Ebola crisis and the war against ISIS.

  5. Who’s paying for the fight against ISIS?

    Lt. Col. Oliver North on U.S. airstrikes and the U.S.-Arab coalition against ISIS.

  6. Airstrikes against ISIS in Syria too little, too late?

    Rep. Ed Royce, (R-Calif.), on America’s handling of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

  7. What the President didn’t say in his speech on ISIS

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Iran and Russia’s impact on the Obama Administration’s strategy against ISIS.

  8. Lt. Col. Cowan: Iraqi PM needs to replace Iraq’s army leadership

    Fox News contributor Lt. Col. Bill Cowan reacts to President Obama’s speech on ISIS.

  9. What will Obama do about ISIS?

    Washington Examiner political columnist Tim Carney, Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky on what President Obama might do about ISIS and Sen. Mark Udall’s (D-CO) debate comments.

  10. How should U.S. combat ISIS?

    Tom Friedman, columnist at the New York Times, weighs in on the growing threat of ISIS and the conflicts in Iraq and Syria .

  11. Roginsky: The only way to get Putin is to go after his money

    FOX News contributor Julie Roginsky and FNC’s Brian Kilmeade weigh in on President Obama’s speech in Wales, his strategy to combat ISIS and the latest on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

  12. Should the Obama Administration take a stronger stand on ISIS?

    Former Rep. Allen West, (R-Fla.), The Wall Street Journal Columnist Veronica Dagher, Democratic Strategist Julie Roginsky and radio host and author Gina Loudon, Ph.D., on how the White House is handling ISIS.

  1. Eight reasons the Middle East may become more unstable

    Yemen officials say the Saudi-led coalition has launched new airstrikes on Shiite rebels. Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer with more.

  2. Russia to supply Iran with arms

    Russia has lifted its ban on the sale of missiles to Iran. FNC Middle East analyst Walid Phares and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Peter Brookes discuss the implications.

  3. The economic fallout of the Yemen conflict

    Could the Yemen conflict stifle U.S. growth? Oppenheimer Funds CIO Krishna Memani discusses.

  4. Obama Administration doesn’t consider ISIS an existential threat?

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland and FNC Middle East and terrorism analyst Walid Phares on Obama Administration foreign policy and its handling of ISIS.

  5. Pentagon downplays ISIS suicide bombers near U.S. Marines

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill on the latest in the fight against ISIS.

  6. How should we handle future terrorist threats?

    Fox News Strategic Analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and DC International Advisory CEO Stephen Yates discuss cyber threats, ISIS and terrorism.

  7. How should the U.S. react to the Sony cyber-attack?

    Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland and FBN’s Liz MacDonald weigh in on ways to increase U.S. cybersecurity, the best ways to retaliate in a cyber- war and the release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

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