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Stem Cell Research

Scientists trying to create human heart with 3D printer

Practicing cardiologist Dr. Kevin Campbell weighs in

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  1. New, faster way to mend broken bones

    UGA Regenerative bioscience director Steve Stice weighs in on 'fracture putty.'

  2. Tom Brokaw draws attention to incurable cancer

    Veteran newsman diagnosed with multiple myeloma

  3. A 3D printed liver by 2015?

    Organovo CEO Keith Murphy on the advances in the 3D printing of human tissue.

  4. Is there a double-standard over performance-enhancing drugs in sports?

    Yahoo Sports MLB Columnist Jeff Passan on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports such as baseball and football.

  5. Should moms have to fight the gov't for their kids' health?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  6. Inside mother's fight to get bone marrow for her children

    Doreen Gummoe battles the government

  7. Redefining aging through cell health

    The next breakthrough in aging well

  8. Hospital begins using heart stem cells in transplant trials

    Procedure could help heal and grow damaged cells after heart attack

  9. Kathy Ireland on her new skin care line

    Kathy Ireland Worldwide CEO Kathy Ireland on the early challenges to starting her business and her new skin-care products.

  10. Dentist wants to clone John Lennon

    Doctor to extract DNA from late Beatle's molar

  11. O-Shot: Rejuvenating women's sex lives

    Doctors have been using platelet-rich plasma to make people look younger and heal quicker for years. Now a handful of physicians are using the technique to give women better orgasms and sexual function

  12. Taste test for test tube burger

    World's first hamburger grown in a lab

  1. Pulse of the job market

    Deloitte CFO Frank Friedman discusses job growth.

  2. Treating back pain with adult stem cells

    Will Carr reports from Los Angeles

  3. Is Obama using connection with Pope to help at home?

    Ambassador Francis Rooney on the relationship between the White House and Vatican

  4. Wesbury: We are in a plow-horse economy

    First Trust Advisors chief economist Brian Wesbury discusses economic growth.

  5. Should women exercise differently after menopause?

    Fitness trainer Deb Horn demonstrates her workout plan

  6. Debate over 'designer babies' heats up

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  7. First human lung grown in lab

    Breakthrough for transplant medicine

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