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Stem Cell Research

Silicon chip can be used as human heart?

Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Campbell on the human heart chip that could replace animal testing.

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  1. Erik Compton’s success on the golf course after 2 heart transplants

    Rex Healthcare Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Campbell on PGA golfer Erik Compton’s heart transplants.

  2. Dr. Manny on the future of medicine

    Dr. Manny Alvarez of the FOX News medical A-Team on freezing people, heart devices and laser teeth.

  3. The next frontier for medicine- 3D printing

    Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Campbell on how medical advancements like 3D printed body parts are improving the medical industry.

  4. New advances in medical tech: Synthetic trachea transplants

    HART CEO David Green on the company and its synthetic trachea technology.

  5. Pulse of the job market

    Deloitte CFO Frank Friedman discusses job growth.

  6. Wesbury: We are in a plow-horse economy

    First Trust Advisors chief economist Brian Wesbury discusses economic growth.

  7. Highly Skilled Immigrants a Key to America's Future

    Opinion: The U.S. desperately needs talented young physicians, scientists, engineers and IT professionals. Immigrants can easily fill the gaps and should be given the opportunity.

  8. U.S. agriculture wary as Monsanto heads to Supreme Court

    A 75-year-old Indiana grain farmer will take on global seed giant Monsanto Co at the U.S. Supreme Court next week in a patent battle that could have ramifications fo...

  9. Government Encouraging Handouts?

    FBN’s John Stossel on how the government encourages an entitlement culture and the Administration’s push for greater gun control.

  10. Foreign Policy To Take Center Stage in Third Presidential Debate

    FBN’s Lori Rothman on the key issues for voters in the Presidential election.

  11. StemCells Rockets 40% On Alzheimer's Study

    Shares of StemCells Inc. rocketed nearly 40% to $1.19 on Tuesday on news that a study of its neural stem-cell therapy restored memory and enhanced synaptic function ...

  12. OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Unveils Plans for $115 Million IPO

    OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. unveiled plans for an initial public offering, hoping to raise up to $115 million for the development of investigational anti-cancer dru...

  1. Stossel 12/25/2014: Best of 2014

    Stossel looks back at some of his attempts in 2014 to tell the truth

  2. Members of ISIS now have Ebola?

    NYU School of Medicine’s Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil weighs in on whether ISIS members should be treated after contracting Ebola.

  3. Mayo Clinic CEO talks health care innovation

    Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. John Noseworthy discusses how innovation is being used to get ahead of disease and the Affordable Care Act’s impact.

  4. Tips for asset allocation

    Equity Group Investments Chairman Sam Zell gives insight into the markets and tips on what to do with your money.

  5. Breakthrough cell transplant helps paralyzed man walk again

    Fox News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Manny Alvarez discusses how a cell transplant helped a paralyzed man walk again and Ebola screenings.

  6. Do comedy classes help employees?

    Joe Piscopo, Gary B. Smith and Kayleigh McEnany on business owners sending their employees to comedy classes to improve their communication skills.

  7. Stossel 05/22/2014: The Good New Days

    Bad stories always lead the news, but what about all the good things happening around the world? Stossel and guests highlight the tremendous progress society has made

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