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Sonia Sotomayor

Hobby Lobby case goes before Supreme Court

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’s Lori Windham on the Hobby Lobby’s case on employer’s religious rights when it comes to health insurance being heard by the Supreme Court .

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  1. Birth control mandate delayed

    Molly Henneberg reports from Washington, DC

  2. Revelers ring in 2014 in New York's Times Square

    Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor drops the ball on new year

  3. Justice Sotomayor To Push Times Square Ball Button

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a native of the Bronx, will lead the crowd at Times Square in a 60-second countdown on Tuesday night and push the Times S...

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    Is it a violation of church and state?

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    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that an arbitration agreement prevents merchants from bringing class action claims against American Express Co .The nine-mem...

  6. Supreme Court OK's DNA Swabbing

    Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano and Alan discuss the Supreme Court's decision allowing DNA swabs of those arrested, and cases still to be decided.

  7. FNC Video

    FNC Video

  8. The Truth About Diversity and Discrimination

    As a young manager in a big company, I volunteered to be the college recruiting liaison for my department. That meant coordinating between hiring managers and recrui...

  9. Sotomayor Returns To Her Roots

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor visited Puerto Rico to present her new memoir.

  10. U.S. Supreme Court Hears Case on Foreign-Tax Credits

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday appeared split on Wednesday whether utilities that paid a windfall tax in the United Kingdom can claim a foreign-tax credit on their U...

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    In a nation run by the rule of law, they're the final word

  12. Vice President Biden takes public oath of office

    Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor administers the oath

  1. Is 2014 The 'Year Of The Latino'?

    As more and more Latin influence pours into mainstream media, one media expert is calling 2014 the “Year of the Latino.”

  2. Sen. Cornyn: Obama acts like he's above the law

    Texas senator blasts president's alleged overreach of his executive powers

  3. 010513_fns_230


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    Health care experts weigh in

  5. Early returns on ObamaCare's first day

    Reaction from the 'Special Report' All-Star panel

  6. High court blocks ObamaCare provision for birth control

    Molly Henneberg reports from Washington

  7. Temporary injunction granted against contraception mandate

    Emergency filings to Supreme Court ahead of ObamaCare implementation

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