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Sheila Jackson Lee

President attends fundraisers after Fort Hood Memorial?

Radio talk show hosts Tammy Bruce, Matt Patrick and John Gibson on the President’s fundraisers, Rep. Cummings’ McCarthyism comments and the Dallas IRS office.

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  1. Do stats back up claims that jobless benefits helps economy?

    Insight from Wall Street Journal's James Freeman

  2. How high are the risks of U.S. default?

    Rep . Sheila Jackson Lee , (D-Texas), and Rep. Morgan Griffith, (R-Va.), on efforts to reach a deal on the debt ceiling.

  3. Ex-Navy SEAL: Our politicians are using us

    Veterans hold new protest of partial government shutdown at WWII Memorial

  4. 101513_Smith_1030


  5. Sen. Mike Lee on impact of partial gov't shutdown on economy

    Republican lawmaker on 'Cost of Freedom'

  6. Only President Obama allowed to change ObamaCare?

    Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee weighs in

  7. BIAS BASH: Violence provides reality check during slimdown

    Jim Pinkerton points out the unfortunate connection drawn by the media and Representatives between the partial government shutdown and the shooting on Capitol Hill

  8. Power Play 10/4/2013: Political blame game

    Air Force One grounded, House Dem blames shooting on Government shutdown, and is a compromise possible? Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  9. Rep. Mac Thornberry is 'skeptical' about Russia's proposal

    Congressman will heed President Obama's speech on Syria

  10. Syrian crisis must be solved by the 'international family'

    Rep . Sheila Jackson Lee says 'peace is not a pretty picture'

  11. 091013_syria_312


  12. House to Vote on Delaying ObamaCare Provisions

    Rep . Sheila Jackson Lee weighs in on unions opposing ObamaCare, though she still supports the Affordable Care Act.

  1. First-class flying for Congress?

    Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) on his bill to stop lawmakers from flying first-class on taxpayer money.

  2. Silence can be golden

    Tip of the Day 3/13

  3. Grapevine: Rockefeller takes aim at .sucks

    Senator claims new domain is nothing more than an expensive extortion scam

  4. Rep . Sheila Jackson Lee rewrites history of Constitution

    Democrat says founding document is 400 years old

  5. Fox Flash: Traffic jam jackpot

    Man wins $5 million dollars thanks to highway congestion

  6. What should Obama say about Benghazi in State of the Union?

    Rep. Darrell Issa sounds off

  7. Why more Americans say they are independents

    Are voters shying away from traditional party labels?

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