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Ron Johnson

2010 Redux: Team Obama goes all in on global warming

2010 all over again? Plus - Can ObamaCare delay save Dems? And unions are reeling after Tennessee loss.

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  1. Unequal treatment under ObamaCare

    Inside Sen . Ron Johnson's lawsuit to ensure that members of Congress don't get special treatment under President Obama's health care overhaul

  2. Who will win the jobless benefits battle?

    KBW senior vice president of Washington research Brian Gardner on the unemployment battle and his outlook for Congress.

  3. 010614_baier


  4. Sen. Johnson sues over congressional ObamaCare subsidy

    Reaction from 'Special Report' anchor Bret Baier

  5. New report sheds light on the Secret Service

    Report finds 'no evidence of widespread misconduct'

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  7. Sen. Johnson: We will 'correct' military pension cuts

    Senate passes budget bill cutting military retirement pay

  8. The Eight Roadblocks to Financial Security and Peace

    You live in a period of time that's been financially shaken. Cities like Detroit have gone bankrupt, and states like California and Illinois are teetering on the bri...

  9. What should be done to unite Republicans?

    Sen . Ron Johnson sounds off on ObamaCare and budget negotiations on Capitol Hill

  10. Time to stop calling the Affordable Care Act 'ObamaCare'?

    Sen . Ron Johnson weighs in

  11. White House trying to exempt unions from health care tax?

    Sen . Ron Johnson says proposal is 'political payback'

  12. GOP bill aims to prevent ObamaCare tax exemption for unions

    Sen . Ron Johnson on why carve-out should be blocked

  1. Suing the president over NSA snooping

    Reaction from the 'Special Report' All-Star panel

  2. Benghazi vs. Bridgegate: Media coverage sparks debate

    Viewers outraged over Clinton, Christie bias

  3. Benghazi does make a difference for Hillary

    Power Play: Growing Dem opposition could doom ObamaCare, Benghazi's role in 2016, and RNC to vote on their future

  4. Dems calling for investigation into credit card breaches

    Business panel weighs in

  5. GOP senator files lawsuit over Congress' health care subsidy

    Sen. Johnson targets 'unfair' special tax treatment

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  7. Exclusive: Sen . Ron Johnson files ObamaCare lawsuit

    Lawmaker sues administration over subsidy for Congress

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