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Joe Miller

Joe Miller : Abolish the IRS

In his first national television interview since filing for a 2014 U.S. Senate run, Alaska Republican activist Joe Miller criticized the IRS targeting of conservative tea party groups, calling for the tax agency's abolishment."I think there's a major opportunity, given the scandal at the IRS, to really get at trying to abolish that agency," Miller told FOX Business' Neil Cavuto on Thursday in an exclusive interview. "I think Americans are now more open to that than ever before."Miller is best known for his 2010 defeat of moderate Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska state primary after receiving the backing of national tea party groups and Sarah Palin. Murkowski then returned to win the election with an unlikely write-in campaign.Cavuto also asked how the tea party-backed conservative felt about the administration strong-arming his constituency."It's been a fundamental value of Americans to push back against that type of invasion," Miller responded. "What the IRS has done is a ...

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