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Ted Stevens

Congressman King grills Holder

Holder testifies at House hearing on oversight of DOJ

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  1. Geraldo: Zimmerman's credibility is an 'issue'

    Gerlado Rivera with latest on the Trayvon Martin case and the John Edwards verdict

  2. Sen. Leahy Lectures Chief Justice on Judicial Activism

    FNC legal analyst Peter Johnson on Sen. Patrick Leahy lecturing Supreme Court Chief John Roberts on judicial activism and the lawsuits over the birth-control mandate.

  3. Is Facebook's Saverin Dodging Taxes?

    FOX Business's Peter Barnes is reporting that Democrats want to introduce legislation to "reimpose" taxes on people who renounce US citizenship and bar their reentry...

  4. Beware 'The Debt Bomb'

    Okla. senator discusses America's terrifying road to fiscal catastrophe in new book

  5. DOJ misconduct during Ted Stevens corruption trial?

    Report alleges federal prosecutors knowingly withheld evidence

  6. NAACP Taking Complaints About New U.S. Voter Laws to U.N.

    Panel debates potential action

  7. Flat Tax Center Stage Again

    I’ve covered the IRS and taxes for years, and I’ve testified before Congress about IRS and tax reform.This country has never tried a flat tax. The federal government...

  8. Politicians Use Tax $$ to Name Buildings After Themselves

    When it comes to politicians using your tax dollars to rename public properties after themselves, have you ever asked yourself, is America turning into Uzbekistan?Wa...

  9. McCain Asks Stevens to Resign

    Sen. Orrin Hatch discusses what issues may arise from McCain asking Alaskan senator Stevens to resign.

  10. Funding Key Races

    Doug Schoen, democratic strategist, and Fox News political analyst Angela McGlowan discuss the fundraising for the key House and Senate elections.

  11. A Numbers Game in Washington

    Sen. Jim DeMint on Obama's spending spree.

  12. Can the GOP Stand Firm in the Coming Elections?

    Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller and Illinois Congressional candidate Joel Pollak on the outlook for the mid-term elections.

  1. McArtor named chairman, CEO of Airbus U.S. unit

    Allan McArtor, who heads Airbus U.S. commercial operations, will take over as chairman and chief executive of the overall U.S. unit of the European weapons and plane...

  2. Power Play 9/25/2013

    Why Senator Ted Cruz pulls an 'all-nighter' and who is best at electing Republicans? Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  3. Debating surveillance for FISA court

    NSA snooping controversy fuels drive to declassify rulings by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

  4. Will Nevada Let You Drive 85 mph?

    Nevada state senator pushing bill that would increase the state's maximum speed limit to 85 mph.

  5. Eric Holder questioned on Aaron Swartz prosecution

    Department of Justice Oversight Hearing 3/6

  6. 'The Journal Editorial Report':1/19/13

    As the president unveils his gun control agenda, we look at the good, the bad and the probably unconstitutional

  7. John Edwards Avoids Jail Time

    FOX News Legal Analyst Tamara Holder on the results of the John Edwards trial and George Zimmerman’s incarceration.

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