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Roy Blunt

Lawmakers dissect CBO's grim report on ObamaCare

Sens. Roy Blunt and Ben Cardin on 'Fox News Sunday'

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  1. Can Congress avoid another fiscal fight?

    Sens. Dick Durbin, Roy Blount weigh in

  2. Coming Up on 'Fox News Sunday': October 20

    Sen. Marco Rubio discusses what happens post slimdown

  3. Power Play 9/20/2013

    ObamaCare fight on Capitol Hill and the Republican response to the budget battle. Plus - is the EPA cooking the books on Climate change?

  4. Power Play 8/1/2013: Did IRS help target conservatives?

    Did IRS help other agencies target conservatives? Snowden allowed to stay in Russia, Obamacare and regulatory reform

  5. Sen. Blunt: We need to move beyond campaign speeches

    Republican responds to president's economic message

  6. 072413_cruz_630


  7. Sen. Cruz on Obama's economic speech, defunding ObamaCare

    Texas lawmaker sounds off

  8. Friday Lightning Round: IRS targeting probe

    Panel sums up this week's hot topics

  9. Republicans defend getting tough on White House

    Sen . Roy Blunt on IRS scandal

  10. Sen . Roy Blunt reacts to new gun control bill

    Fears potential of federal gun registry

  11. Power Play 3/14/2013

    A slow, painful climb down on White House tours. Plus CPAC and the GOP's most prominent voices

  12. Looming defense cuts raise national security concerns

    Sen . Roy Blunt weighs in on spending problem

  1. Coming Up on 'Fox News Sunday': February 9

    ObamaCare could mean two million fewer jobs

  2. Sen . Roy Blunt on planned GOP response to State of the Union

    Missouri lawmaker weighs in

  3. Benghazi does make a difference for Hillary

    Power Play: Growing Dem opposition could doom ObamaCare, Benghazi's role in 2016, and RNC to vote on their future

  4. Lawmakers demanding disclaimers on new ObamaCare ads

    Sen . Roy Blunt sounds off

  5. Power Play 11/19/13: President Romney?

    Team Obama tries to rally for late-term abortion. Plus - meet the congressman personally affected by ObamaCare.

  6. Senators push for US response to Christian attacks in Egypt

    Key lawmakers seek clear response from administration

  7. Power Play 10/21/13: The ObamaCare mess

    Obama tries damage control on health law. Plus - budget battles resume and Hillary stumps for McAuliffe

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