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Obama slams Saudis over military involvement in Yemen

Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert Jordan on the Islamic State pushing to takeover Ramadi, Obama slamming the Saudi’s military involvement in Yemen and problems with the nuclear deal with Iran.

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  1. ISIS, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram training together?

    Fox News Contributor Gillian Turner weighs in on reports about Israel spying on the U.S.-Iran nuclear talks and three major terror groups training together in the Sahara Desert.

  2. Will Netanyahu be an obstacle to a two-state solution?

    The Daily Beast Columnist Michael Moynihan on the fallout from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s election win.

  3. Obama’s Iran deal the new ObamaCare?

    The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger discusses the President Obama’s planned Iran nuclear deal.

  4. Who is responsible for the terror attack on a Tunisian museum?

    Former US.S Ambassador John Bolton on Netanyahu’s election victory, Tunisian terror attack and the Iranian nuclear deal.

  5. Saudi Prince warns Iran deal may lead to Mideast nuclear fuel race?

    Foundation for Defense of Democracies' Mark Dubowitz on Saudi prince warnings against Iran nuclear deal, Ayatollah’s anti-nuclear Fatwa and Netanyahu’s election.

  6. Did Netanyahu win over the American public?

    Independent Women’s Forum Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer, Tangent Capital Managing Partner Bob Rice and FBN’s Cheryl Casone on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress and President Obama potentially using executive actions to raise taxes.

  7. Sen. McCain on Iran’s nuclear program, Netanyahu speech

    Senator John McCain, (R-AZ), discusses Iran’s nuclear program and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress.

  8. Obama Administration doesn’t consider ISIS an existential threat?

    FNC national security analyst KT McFarland and FNC Middle East and terrorism analyst Walid Phares on Obama Administration foreign policy and its handling of ISIS.

  9. Jordanian King vows ‘relentless’ war on ISIS

    Rep. Randy Forbes, (R-Va.), on the fight against ISIS.

  10. Set your goals, then invest

    FBN’s Charles Payne, Wealth Enhancement Group Executive V.P. Jim Cahn, retail analyst Hitha Herzog and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on how to set your goals before deciding on an investing strategy.

  11. Airports raising security on Al Qaeda bomb threats

    Fox Business Contributor Richard Grenell on airports increasing security amid Al Qaeda bomb threats.

  12. North Korea a threat in 2015?

    ‘The Impossible State’ author Victor Cha discusses potential threat of North Korea after the hack on Sony.

  1. What’s next for the Iran nuclear deal?

    AEI Scholar Michael Rubin discusses the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal.

  2. Yemeni fighters repel Houthis in key port city

    Fox News Military Analyst MAJ. General Robert Scales (RET.) on fighting in Yemen, Iran nuclear deal and Russia’s dispute with NATO.

  3. U.S., Iran said to agree on preliminary nuke deal

    WSJ’s Dan Henninger on the Iranian nuclear deal status.

  4. Iran nuclear talks intensify

    New York Times Reporter Michael Gordon discusses the latest on Iran nuclear negotiations.

  5. Bigger threat: Climate change or Iran?

    Fox News Contributor Gillian Turner discusses the U.S.-Iran nuclear talks and new U.S. climate change emission cuts.

  6. What should the U.S. do about the fighting in Yemen?

    WSJ’s Dan Henninger on fighting in Yemen.

  7. Is Obama turning away from Israel to make Iran deal?

    WSJ Editorial Page Deputy Editor Bret Stephens on Obama’s relationship with Israel and his plan for a nuclear deal with Iran.

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