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Sarah Palin

  1. Feminists ostracize conservative female reporter at event

    The Kelly File takes on footage of feminist event attendees warning others about a conservative female reporter.

  2. George W. Bush opens up about relationship with Putin

    Former president's revealing anecdote

  3. Stossel 03/13/2014: War on Women?

    Stossel and guests debate whether or not there really is a battle being waged against females

  4. Letterman's last call

    Late night icon plans to retire in 2015

  5. Sarah Palin slams Paul Ryan's budget

    Former Alaska governor on 'Hannity'

  6. Power Play Political Pros: Ed Rollins and Kirsten Powers

    This week, Ed Rollins and Kirsten Powers join Power Play host Chris Stirewalt to discuss the 2014 Iowa and Georgia senate races.

  7. Critics blast Rep. Ryan for budget plan

    Republican California gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari on reactions to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, ObamaCare’s impact on jobs and the future of the Republican Party.

  8. Rep. Paul Ryan unveils GOP plan to balance the budget

    Chairman of House Budget Committee explains proposal

  9. Media ignoring Palin was right

    Linda in Virginia weighs in

  10. Missing Malaysian plane

    Former FAA official Scott Brenner on the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight-370

  11. Palin power at CPAC and the state of the GOP

    Former governor rocks annual conservative convention as potential presidential candidates make their moves

  12. How can we tackle America's exploding national debt?

    T.W. Shannon on his run for Senate in Oklahoma and his plan to get the national debt under control

  1. Why did we show Pelosi 'twerking'?

    David in Florida wants to know

  2. What will happen when Colbert steps out of character?

    Comedian will leave fictional persona behind as host of 'The Late Show'

  3. Power Play Political Pros: Joe Trippi and Marc Lampkin

    Chris Stirewalt sits down with Joe Trippi and Marc Lampkin to discuss the Georgia and Virginia senate races in 2014. Could GA go blue? Could VA go red?

  4. Exclusive: Sheryl Sandberg's new look at powerful women

    Facebook COO discusses new book 'Lean In: For Graduates'

  5. Exclusive: Sheryl Sandberg on guilt, success impacting women

    Sandberg weighs in on working parents

  6. Social Buzz: Controversial ad of Nancy Pelosi stirs debate

    Lauren Ashburn questions whether a new Breitbard campaign ad goes too far

  7. David Letterman, last late-night liberal

    Letterman's television legacy

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