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Same-Sex Unions

Democrats losing millennial support

Michelle Fields, Ashley Pratte and Igor Volsky on why millennials are abandoning the Democratic Party.

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  1. Was Mozilla CEO ousted for stance on gay marriage ?

    Ann Coulter discusses the intolerance

  2. Supreme Court won't hear New Mexico religious freedom case

    Photographer refused to provide services for same-sex commitment ceremony

  3. CEO resigns after gay -marriage controversy

    Bernie Goldberg weighs in on the Mozilla free speech debate and the search for the missing jetliner

  4. Gutfeld: Mozilla, gay marriage and rise of coercive culture

    Coercion cloaked as compassion is still coercion

  5. Yum Brands launches Chick-Fil-A competitor in Texas

    Bruce Turkel of Turkel Brands on Yum Brands’ launching chicken restaurant to rival Chick-Fil-A.

  6. What does a 'massive surge' of Obamacare signups mean?

    Sen. Schumer and the Comcast merger and Jeb Bush 2016. Plus - Pollard to Israel and Hillary Clinton attempts to freeze out the field

  7. Kinky Friedman talks politics, legalizing marijuana

    Author and musician Kinky Friedman on his campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner and the legalization of marijuana.

  8. The Truth Behind Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich's Demise

    If nothing else, the success of Mozilla's popular web browser, Firefox, stands as a monument to the ideals behind open source software: that Internet development sho...

  9. Media combat over Mozilla ouster

    Howard and Lauren debate coverage of CEO's exit over traditional marriage beliefs

  10. Tech CEO ousted over gay marriage

    What began as an online protest, erupted into a huge debate about tolerance and same-sex marriage

  11. Hits & Misses: 4/5/14

    A hit to carnivores

  12. New twist in Jason Patric's bitter custody battle

    Hollywood actor's fight to be a father

  1. President meets with faith leaders to talk immigration

    Faith panel weighs in

  2. Should social views cost you your job?

    Intolerance coming from the left?

  3. GOP's biggest names attend 'Freedom Summit'

    Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and others gather in New Hampshire

  4. Harry Reid vs. the Koch brothers?

    Doug McKelway reports

  5. Are liberals the new conservatives?

    Thad Russell says liberals have become the new conservatives regarding certain policies like spying and foreign relations.

  6. Do Americans feel less free than 10 years ago?

    Frank Luntz asks a focus group

  7. Former Mozilla CEO resigns over Prop 8 contribution

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the controversy over former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s past support of California’s Proposition 8.

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