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Sam Brownback

Tax cut troubles in Kansas?

The Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore on the Kansas economy and California Governor Jerry Brown.

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  1. High Earners, Businesses Feeling High-Tax States

    ALEC tax and fiscal policy director Jonathan Williams weighs in on tax trends.

  2. Kansas Governor on Drought's Impact

    Governor Sam Brownback breaks down how the drought is impacting the economy.

  3. Gov. Brownback on the Health-Care Law, Government Spending

    Gov. Sam Brownback , (R-Kan.), on the costs of the health-care law, reducing government spending and Mitt Romney’s campaign.

  4. Obama Targets Corporate Jet Owners

    Gov. Sam Brownback speaks out on the state of the aviation industry in Kansas following Obama’s proposal to end private jet owner tax cuts.

  5. Calif. Dream Act a Nightmare?

    Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, (D-Calif.), on whether California's dream act is a growth chance or fiscal nightmare.

  6. Food, Advertising Reps Blast Proposed Guidelines for Marketing to Kids

    The battle over guidelines for marketing food to kids is still on fire.Food and advertising industry representatives are publicly speaking out against the government...

  7. Health Organizations Want Ronald McDonald to Retire

    Ronald McDonald may soon be retiring his trademark red wig and shoes.The iconic clown is being asked to retire by more than 550 health professionals and organization...

  8. Food Ads Aimed at Kids Under Fire

    Will we soon be saying goodbye to Tony the Tiger? And if so, will that stop your kids from asking for the sugary breakfast cereal?Advertisements pushing sugary cerea...

  9. Kansas Investing in Wind Energy

    Sen . Sam Brownback , (R-Kan.), and Siemens Corp. U.S. CEO Eric Spiegel on creating a new wind turbine plant in Kansas.

  10. US renewable energy bill faces battle in 2010

    (Corrects paragraph 2 to make clear bill requires 15 perecent renewable by 2021, not 2012)By Timothy GardnerWASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bipartisan group of U.S. senator...

  11. Main Street Auto Dealers Excluded from Wall Street Bill

    Small Business Center»Human Resources»Networking»Entrepreneurs»Finance»Strategy»Technology»Video»Business on Main»Networking Networking Main Street Auto Dealers Excl...

  12. The Non-Financial Items in Reform

    FBN's Liz MacDonald breaks down financial reform's oddities.

  1. Will infighting hurt the Republican Party in 2016?

    Gov. Sam Brownback , (R-Kan.), on the Republican field for the 2016 Presidential election.

  2. Running a State Like a Business

    Gov. Sam Brownback tells Tom the only way for a state to grow is to force tax rates down to a “manageable level” as incentives for businesses.

  3. Eliminating Income Taxes in Kansas?

    Governor Sam Brownback talks about his goal to eliminate income taxes in the state of Kansas.

  4. Dobbs: Beware Of Obama's 'Grand Bargain'

    FBN's Lou Dobbs on Obama's congressional outreach.

  5. Kansas Governor on Efforts to Eliminate the State’s Income Tax

    Gov. Sam Brownback , (R-Kan.), on efforts to phase out the state’s income tax in an effort to boost economic growth.

  6. Kansas Governor Looks to Phase Out Income Tax

    Gov. Sam Brownback argues the state has “the best atmosphere to grow small businesses”.

  7. Kansas Gov. Brownback on Efforts to Phase Out State Tax

    Gov. Sam Brownback , (R-Kan.), on efforts to do away with the state's income tax.

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