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Russian Spies

Edward Snowden asks Putin about Russian surveillance

NSA leaker gets through on Moscow call-in show

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  1. Charles Krauthammer talks ObamaCare at 4, Crimean crisis

    Syndicated columnist on 'Fox & Friends'

  2. The price of failed American leadership?

    Russian President Vladimir Putin shows no signs of backing down from his Ukraine land grab

  3. Putin's push in Crimea impacts global stage

    When will the Obama administration say enough is enough?

  4. McCain: Putin is ignorant of American public opinion

    Lawmaker reacts to sanctions placed on him by Putin

  5. Greta: Not even Obama's friends respect him anymore

    'Off the Record', 3/20/14: When Jimmy Fallon takes shots over ObamaCare and the handling of Putin and the Ukraine crisis, you know the president's stature is diminishing

  6. President’s threats, warnings toward Putin ineffective?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the growing tension between Russia and the U.S.

  7. Obama picks NCAA bracket; Putin redraws Russia's borders

    President's priorities in order?

  8. Political Insiders: Is ObamaCare key to GOP win in November?

    What are the takeaways from Florida’s special Congressional election?

  9. Do Obama's sanctions hold any weight with Putin?

    Reaction to president's course of action against Russian officials after Crimea vote

  10. Russia not backing down from Crimea standoff

    Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine weighs in

  11. Senators McCain & Graham w/Kilmeade

    Senators McCain & Graham sat down with Brian Kilmeade and sounded off on President Obama's handling of Vladimir Putin and Ukraine!

  12. McCain blasts Obama’s 'total misreading' of Putin

    GOP senator targets president's 'failure' to understand Russian leader

  1. NATO commander: US troops may be sent to Eastern Europe

    Reaction from Fox News military analyst Major General Bob Scales

  2. Will Ukraine crisis continue to escalate?

    What's Russia's next move?

  3. Judge Jeanine: Obama, Putin and the perception of power

    Are we witnessing the decline of the US as a world power?

  4. House GOP express serious concerns about Eastern Europe

    Republicans urge Obama to take firm stance against Russia



  6. Russia kicked out of G-8

    Sen. Dan Coats on being banned from entering Russia and what it will take to get Putin’s attention.

  7. John McCain’s take on Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine crisis

    Senator John McCain (R-AZ) on Vladimir Putin and Arizona sports.

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