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Ron Wyden

Tax uncertainties hurting businesses, hiring?

Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge and National Taxpayers Union’s Pete Sepp on the need for tax reform.

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  1. The Foxhole: How’s American intelligence shaped after 9/11?

    Author J. Michael Allen explains the efforts to reform America’s national security after the September 11th terrorist attacks

  2. Tech companies call for NSA reform

    Political consultant Basil Smikle and ‘Outnumbered’ author Jedediah Bila on technology companies calling for more transparency over the NSA snooping scandal.

  3. The Police State

    Stossel and guests look at the increasingly aggressive techniques used by law enforcement. Also, a look at the use of swat raids, drones and the NSA

  4. Plan to expand U.S. auto loan program faces bumpy road

    Democratic proposals to widen the scope of the Department of Energy's loan program for advanced cars could falter in the face of Republican opposition in Congress.La...

  5. Defunding ObamaCare before 2014 a real possibility?

    Congress members say Affordable Care Act is not workable

  6. Sen. Rand Paul fires back at Gov. Chris Christie

    Potential 2016 GOP candidates exchange words over national security

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  8. Report: Feds Tells Web Firms to Turn Over Passwords

    FBN's Liz MacDonald breaks down the report that said the feds told web firms to hand over user passwords.

  9. Debate over future of NSA surveillance on Capitol Hill

    Lawmakers react to plans for program

  10. Bipartisan groups push to limit NSA surveillance programs

    Mike Emanuel reports from Washington, D.C.

  11. Analysis: U.S. fuel export surge gives refiners surprise summer blockbuster

    In the middle of July, U.S. refiners are normally doing a brisk business selling their fuel close to home, revving up output to meet peak driving demand.This year, h...

  12. Snowden's future remains murky, but dangerous

    NSA leaker urges journalist to keep documents secret

  1. Is perjury still illegal?

    The Independents weigh in on National Intelligence director James Clapper’s comments regarding spying on American citizens.

  2. Rep. Camp: Many bipartisan pieces to this bill

    Rep. David Camp, (R-Mich.), on his tax overhaul proposal.

  3. Senate Police Investigating Suspicous Substance

    Police are investigating a suspicious substance found around the office of Sen. Ron Wyden, according to press reports. The Senate Sergeant-at-Arms tweeted that "staf...

  4. Obama's effort to court Democratic support on Iran

    Ed Henry reports

  5. Is the NSA spying on members of Congress?

    Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the NSA and Congress’ privacy protection.

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  7. Rep. Trent Franks demands criminal probe into James Clapper

    Why the Director of National Intelligence should be held accountable

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