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Roe versus Wade

Keep Politics Out of Your Business

I have a cracked tooth and it has to come out. Apparently my subconscious brain, in all its wisdom, likes to take out its aggressions on my body while I'm asleep. I don't know why it does that, but it does explain why I sometimes wake up feeling like I've just gone three rounds with Mike Tyson.Anyway, I happened to mention to my dental surgeon that I'm a columnist. He looked up with interest and asked, "Really? Who do you write for?"Then it hit me. Everyone's so opinionated, so divided, so quick to judge, these days. And next week, this guy is going to have both hands and a set of pliers inside my big mouth. No two ways about it, there was a fifty-fifty chance I'd made an enormous mistake.Visions of Dustin Hoffman's screams as evil dentist Lawrence Olivia took a drill to him in Marathon Man swirling around my brain, I broke into a cold sweat as I desperately and clumsily tried to dodge a direct question. Then, realizing that a simple Google search would spill all the beans, I decided t...

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  1. Thousands expected in Washington for March for Life rally

    Mike Emanuel reports from Washington, D.C.

  2. Debate over pro-life march

    Rev. Harry Knox, Marjorie Dannenfelser discuss the issue

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  4. 111513_scarborough


  5. Will ObamaCare open door for Republican in the White House?

    Insight from TV host, author and former Rep. Joe Scarborough

  6. Ken Cuccinelli on gubernatorial campaign, GOP divide

    Virginia attorney general takes Center Seat

  7. Oklahoma murder sparks debate over society's regard for life

    What can we do to prevent violence?

  8. Is a life tenure too long for Supreme Court justices?

    Mark Levin on how to better regulate the judicial branch

  9. How can Republicans reach out to women, minorities?

    Discussing the future of the GOP

  10. Grapevine: Obama's stimulus report late?

    Were legally mandated quarterly reports done?

  11. Christian reality show about women recovering from abortion

    A preview of 'surrender the Secret'

  12. Pro-life advocates march in DC for 40th year

    A look at the annual March for Life

  1. Grapevine: Bad journalism or politics at the New York Times?

    Did paper adequately cover March for Life?

  2. Should Republican Party avoid wedge issues to win at the polls?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the political impact on the Republican Party of focusing on wedge issues such as abortion.

  3. Abortion politics and the March for Life

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  4. March for Life marks 41 years since Roe v . Wade

    Pro-life supporters take to National Mall

  5. Hume reflects on the 41st anniversary of Roe v . Wade

    Analysis of abortion politics

  6. Annual March for Life rally attracts thousands

    Elizabeth Prann reports from Washington, D.C.

  7. Pro-life demonstrators head to DC for annual March for Life

    Marking 41 years since Roe v . Wade

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