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Robert Byrd

Tech CEO ousted over gay marriage

What began as an online protest, erupted into a huge debate about tolerance and same-sex marriage

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  1. Phil Donahue on Syria

    TV legend Phil Donahue wonders why the U.S. is even thinking about military action in Syria.

  2. Charlie Rangel’s racial remarks

    The New York Rep’s heated words against the Tea Party

  3. Postgame Wrap-Up: 7/12/13

    TV's Andy Levy has breaking Brian Kilmeade news

  4. Should Paula Deen have apologized?

    Did Food Network make the right call?

  5. Michigan Rep. John Dingell takes record for longest service

    A look at lawmaker's historic career

  6. Race and the Republican Party

    Gutfeld talks race and politics

  7. Moose Int'l CEO resigns amid sexual assault accusations

    John Roberts reports from Washington, D.C.

  8. FNC Video


  9. Brian, Governor Ehrlich and Deroy Murdock

    Brian, Governor Ehrlich and Deroy Murdock

  10. Full episode: 'Red Eye' 11/10/12

    David Petraeus resigns after affair; Terry Schappert, Kennedy, Jesse Joyce discuss

  11. Fallen firefighters charity robbed in Philadelphia

    Money destined for firemen's families stolen

  12. New York Says No Bail for Manhattan Madam

    Author Linda Fairstein discusses the developing case against an Upper East Side prostitution ring.

  1. The Independents tackle religion

    FNC’s Santita Jackson and Democratic political consultant Basil Smikle join the Independents to talk about the Catholic church and religion.

  2. 3 Republicans present ObamaCare alternative

    Sens. Tom Coburn, Orrin Hatch and Richard Burr outline their proposal to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with sustainable health care reforms

  3. Power Play 12/23/13: Can ObamaCare mess be fixed?

    Breaking down the latest on ObamaCare. Plus - predictions for 2014

  4. Political predictions for 2014

    Democratic strategist Debbie Dingell and Republican strategist Matt Schlapp sound off on what could happen next year

  5. Bias Bash: Media attacks Megyn Kelly over Santa

    Jim Pinkerton on mainstream media and the war on Christmas

  6. Power Play 11/22/2013: The nuclear option debate

    ObamaCare forces some onto Medicaid while the president deals another health care enrollment period

  7. Fed trapped in easy-money mode?

    TAMRO Capital Partners’ Tim Holland and Haverford Trust Fixed Income Director John Donaldson and founder Todd Horwitz on what more QE means for the markets.

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