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Rick Scott

Less regulations, more jobs?

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on a study about the relationship between regulations and jobs.

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  1. States Split on Medicaid's Role in Obamacare

    Ever since a Supreme Court ruling last year made health insurance reform's mandated expansion of Medicaid a state-by-state option instead, low-income Americans and p...

  2. Florida Finally Bans Texting

    After five years of holding out, Florida finally has a law banning texting for motorists.  Florida SB 52 created a new statute (316.305) to define and describe how w...

  3. Florida Bill Would Limit Spousal Support, Will the Trend Spread?

    Former spouses weighed down with hefty alimony payments could soon be catching a break.A controversial new bill awaiting the governor's signature in Florida would al...

  4. Florida Fights for Spring Training

    Major League Baseball training camps are springing into action as players and coaches hit the fields to kickoff the 2013 season. Pre-season games in the Florida-base...

  5. NY Hedge Funds Flocking To Palm Beach County

    Business Development Board of Palm Beach County CEO Kelly Smallridge on what makes Palm Beach County an attractive place to live and work.

  6. The Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Sunshine State

    Former LPL Managing Director Steven Black on why he moved his business to Florida .

  7. Why English Majors are Just as Important as Engineers

    Last Sunday I adjusted my glasses not once, but twice to make sure I was reading these words in The New York Times correctly:"To nudge students toward job-friendly d...

  8. Why Can’t Federal Government Live Within its Means?

    Wayne Rogers & Co. Chairman Wayne Rogers on the fiscal cliff negotiations.

  9. Here's an Idea: Charge More for Less Useful Degrees

    In Florida, college students might have to pay more for the privilege of getting a “useless” degree.Well, so far it’s just an idea. The Atlantic reports that a task ...

  10. Will the Medicaid Safety Net be Stretched?

    Like a stagehand suddenly caught in the spotlight, Medicaid unexpectedly took center stage in the health care reform debate this summer when the Supreme Court disall...

  11. Gov. Rick Scott : It’s All About Jobs

    Gov. Rick Scott , (R-Fla.), on the impact of Isaac on Florida , the Presidential race and efforts to boost job growth.

  12. Florida ’s CFO: Romney Speaks to Individual Growth

    Jeff Atwater, Florida ’s chief financial officer, on Mitt Romney’s entrepreneurial accomplishments and the RNC.

  1. Virginia Senate too close to call

    FNC’s Mike Emanuel on the Virginia Senate race and the rest of the midterm elections.

  2. Who were the richest Presidents? Does it hurt or help?

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the richest American Presidents and how they got their wealth.

  3. Scott, Crist battle over fan delays at Florida Governor's debate

    Fox News Political Analyst Ed Rollins weighs in the Florida Governor's debate.

  4. Gov. Rick Perry on a robust Texas economy

    Texas Governor Rick Perry discusses his state’s economy and regulation.

  5. Dave Asman sits down with Gov. Perry

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells FBN's David Asman why he's ready to debate N.Y. Gov. Cuomo over which state has the better business climate.

  6. Should non-violent felons be allowed to vote?

    FAMM communications director Mike Riggs on whether non-violent felons should be allowed to vote.

  7. The Push to Make College Less Costly for Veterans

    The warm weather is not the only reason military veterans may decide to head to Florida. The Sunshine State will now waive out-of-state tuition fees for former soldi...

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