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Rick Scott

The Push to Make College Less Costly for Veterans

The warm weather is not the only reason military veterans may decide to head to Florida. The Sunshine State will now waive out-of-state tuition fees for former soldiers, sailors and Marines.On Monday, Gov. Rick Scott signed the Florida G.I. Bill, creating the Congressman C.W. Bill Young Tuition Waiver Program, which eliminates out-of-state tuition fees for honorably discharged veterans. "I am pleased to sign this legislation that will help our veterans find employment and expand career opportunities for veterans and their spouses," the Republican governor said in a press release.The new law, which won unanimous support in the state legislature in March, will cost an estimated $11.5 million annually, according to state officials.One reason for the broad support might be that after California and Texas, Florida has the third-largest population of veterans in the country -- an estimated 1.6 million, according to the Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs. That is about 12% of the total 1...

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