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Reverend Wright

Obama holds press conference on ObamaCare, Ukraine

President claims Affordable Care Act is working

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  1. Rev. Wright takes jabs at Obama during keynote speech

    Wright spoke at Chicago Teachers Union MLK event

  2. Reverend Wright joins up with union

    President Obama’s former pastor gives keynote speech to Chicago teacher’s union

  3. The return of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright

    Inside Obama's controversial former pastor's keynote address at the Chicago Teachers Union breakfast

  4. Gutfeld: We're still waiting for President Obama's apology

    Thanks to the coddling media, the president never has to face his mistakes

  5. Political fallout from Christie scandal

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  6. Gutfeld: A hate crime against our nation's police

    President nominates defender of cop killer to DOJ

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  8. President Obama and faith

    Joshua Dubois’ new book looks at the President’s belief system

  9. Miller Time: Do the wealthy care about ObamaCare?

    Comedian on ObamaCare, the NFL and the Mayor of Toronto

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  11. Bias Bash: Who's accountable for ObamaCare website failures?

    Jim Pinkerton asks if the media is fairly covering both sides of the story

  12. Bill Ayers Discusses Life after the Weather Underground

    Activist and dissident Bill Ayers talks about his new book "Public Enemy" and being misrepresented by the media.

  1. ‘America the incompetent rules’

    Liz Trotta’s Sunday commentary

  2. Bias Bash: Obama spars with O'Reilly in interview

    Cal Thomas reacts to Bill O'Reilly's interview with the president

  3. Exclusive: Dinesh D'Souza is 'undeterred' by backlash

    Filmmaker speaks out about the controversy

  4. Why are African American conservatives under attack?

    How the left is targeting Tea Party supporters

  5. Rev. Wright smears Tea Party as 'lynch party'

    Former congressman Allen West on Obama's former pastor resurfacing with more inflammatory remarks, the Pentagon relaxing rules on religious garb and facial hair and the record number of households on foodstamps

  6. Would a Richard Simmons dance-off sell you on ObamaCare?

    Is sometimes-bizarre fitness guru what the administration needs to convince young millennials to sign up for ObamaCare?

  7. Teachers union explains why it invited Rev. Wright

    Chicago Teachers Union responds to 'On the Record' report and defends inviting controversial former Obama pastor to event

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