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  1. Amb. John Bolton on why terrorism is still a threat

    Obama administration has tried to 'narrowly' define the danger

  2. Juan Williams’ take on the President’s State of the Union

    FOX News political analyst Juan Williams on the President’s State of the Union address, the GOP’s rebuttal and the Super Bowl.

  3. Obama jabs Fox, Limbaugh

    Media to blame for president's message falling on deaf ears?

  4. Obama blames Fox News, Limbaugh for painting 'caricature'

    President claims media preventing his message from reaching GOP base

  5. IRS targeting Hollywood's conservatives?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  6. Krauthammer on why President Obama can't accept opposition

    President claims Fox News is painting a 'caricature' of him

  7. Syrian peace talks get underway in Switzerland

    Ed Henry reports

  8. Obama upside down one year after second inaugural

    Obama's troubling poll numbers. Plus - Biden unloads on voter ID laws

  9. Gutfeld: President Obama can't build wealth

    Crying 'income inequality' sure beats actual solutions

  10. Threat of an Al Qaeda-controlled Baghdad a real possibility?

    Terror group overtaking Iraqi cities

  11. Were the President’s comments on race accurate?

    TakiMag contributor Gavin McInnes and The Daily Beast Cultural News Editor Michael Moynihan on the President’s comments on race.

  12. Al Qaeda's JV team and Obama's high school foreign policy

    Lt. Col. Oliver North sounds off on the concept of 'core al Qaeda' in the Obama administration and the president's eye-raising remarks in the 'New Yorker'

  1. Gutfeld: Dunst's traditional values spark feminist backlash

    Actress under fire for gender role remarks

  2. Greta: Not even Obama's friends respect him anymore

    'Off the Record', 3/20/14: When Jimmy Fallon takes shots over ObamaCare and the handling of Putin and the Ukraine crisis, you know the president's stature is diminishing

  3. Alan Paul on Allman Brothers Band book

    Author Alan Paul on his new book ‘One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band.’

  4. Media giving a pass to Hillary's failed 'reset' with Russia?

    'MediaBuzz' host Howard Kurtz weighs in

  5. The Sixth Extinction: The Worst Extinction Yet?

    The Sixth Extinction: The Worst Extinction Yet?

  6. Eric Holder aims to leave his mark before leaving his job

    James Rosen reports from Washington

  7. What happened to the war on drugs?

    Former 'drug czar' John Walters weighs in

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