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  1. Romney Gets Squeezed on Immigration

    Chris Stirewalt, Susan Ferrechio and Sally Kohn discuss the issue of immigration and how it is affecting the 2012 presidential race.

  2. Obama Looks to Keep Undocumented Youths in Country

    FOX News Contributor Sally Kohn on the latest immigration reform by the president.

  3. Attracting the female vote

    Mercedes Viana Schlapp and Sally Kohn discuss where each campaign stands

  4. Who’s supporting Obama and Romney?

    Sally Kohn and Kerry Picket on the makeup of support for both campaigns

  5. n: Joe Biden 'Dragged Barack Obama Out of the Closet'


  6. President's gay marriage stance re-ignite culture wars?

    Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan reacts

  7. Will Romney’s Past Haunt Him During 2012 Campaign?

    FOX News contributor Sally Kohn discusses whether actions from the presidential hopeful’s high school days should impact the election.

  8. Obama Backs Same-Sex Marriage, Now What?

    FOX News contributor Sally Kohn on the president’s thoughts on gay marriage.

  9. Same-Sex Marriage Support Paying Off for Obama

    FOX News Contributor Sally Kohn discusses whether the Democratic Party will consider moving its convention from Charlotte, N.C., and the benefit of the president’s support for same-sex marriage.

  10. Kohn: Put the Pain on Students or Millionaires?

    Sally Kohn , FOX News Contributor, on how President Obama’s plan will pay for keeping student loans low.

  11. Rough Start for Obama in General Election

    Chris Stirewalt, Sally Kohn and Ford O'Connell discuss Obama's general election strategy.

  12. Will There Be a Trial for Trayvon Martin?

    FOX News contributor Sally Kohn on the need for an investigation into the death of the Florida teenager.

  1. Why same-sex marriage should be legal

    Sally Kohn on why fundamental values, including the right to marry, should not be up for majority vote

  2. Bill Clinton: Don't mock Second Amendment supporters

    Former president warns fellow Democrats

  3. Should There Be a License for Parenting?

    FOX News contributor Sally Kohn and ABC Radio’s Bernard McGuirk on the state of the modern family.

  4. Pols Sound Off on Sandy Holdup

    FOX News contributor Sally Kohn and ABC Radio’s Bernard McGuirk debate the deal on the fiscal cliff and efforts to get aid for Sandy Victims.

  5. Explaining the Obama Victory

    ABC Radio’s Bernard McGuirk and FOX News Contributor Sally Kohn debate the president’s re-election victory.

  6. Sec. Clinton Ridiculed in Egypt

    FOX News Contributor Sally Kohn on protests in Egypt against U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  7. What's at stake with the healthcare reform?

    Bob Rice, Sally Kohn , and Penny Lee discuss if it will damage Obama if it is turned over

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