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S.E. Cupp

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How Will Health-Care Conclusion Impact 2012 Election?

Author S.E . Cupp breaks down the president’s push for health-care reform and the 2012 presidential election.

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  1. L.A.'s Welfare War

    Author S.E . Cupp on the $600 million in welfare costs for children of illegal immigrants in one California County.

  2. Should Obama Veto the Spending Bill?

    'Losing Our Religion' author S.E . Cupp on why the president should veto the spending bill and push Congress to revise the bill.

  3. Who Will Get Tax Cuts, Hikes?

    'Losing Our Religion' author S.E . Cupp on the challenges of finding a compromise on Capitol Hill over extending the Bush tax cuts.

  4. Who Benefits From Tax Cuts?

    'Losing Our Religion' author S.E . Cupp on the benefits to Democrats and Republicans of extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone and what is preventing a compromise.

  5. Obstacles Facing a GOP-Led House

    "Losing Our Religion" author S.E . Cupp on the political challenges Republicans may face if they sweep Congress.

  6. Stuart Varney Gets Schooled in Sports Terminology

    "Losing Our Religion" author S.E . Cupp gives FBN’s Stuart Varney an education in sports.

  7. Why Unions Should Support More Hiring

    "Losing Our Religion" author S.E . Cupp argues teacher unions should make creating more jobs a higher priority than higher wages.

  8. Polls Say U.S. Headed in Wrong Direction

    Radio host Leslie Marshall and author S.E . Cupp debate the recent drop in President Obama's popularity.

  9. Senate Fails to Extend Unemployment Benefits

    Author S.E . Cupp on the why fiscal conservatism is the key to a long political career.

  10. Can the President Make Peace with GOP?

    Author S.E . Cupp on whether the president will be able to sway Republican leadership on issues like financial reform and immigration.

  11. Liberal Media Attacking Christianity?

    "Losing Our Religion" author S.E . Cupp on how Christianity is treated by the press.

  1. Cupp: Gingrich Politically Untrustworthy

    Author S.E . Cupp discusses whether Newt Gingrich can win over a majority of the Republican Party.

  2. S.E . Cupp on 2012 Election

    Author S.E . Cupp on the 2012 presidential election now that Chris Christie and Sarah Palin have chosen not to run.

  3. An Uninspiring Candidate for 2012

    Author S.E . Cupp discusses why her ideal candidate would be as boring as C-SPAN.

  4. S.E . Cupp on Radio Show

    Author. S.E . Cupp on her new radio show.

  5. Not Looking Good for GOP in 2012

    Author S.E . Cupp discusses who the Republican frontrunners will be in the 2012 presidential election.

  6. Growing Youth Movement at CPAC

    "Losing Our Religion" author S.E . Cupp on the rising number of young people at the Conservative Political Action Committee.

  7. The Spread of Revolution in Middle East

    "Losing Our Religion" author S.E . Cupp on the potential domino effect of the protests in Egypt.

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