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Robert Reich

Customers are the job creators, not CEOs?

Political Prospect Editor Kayleigh McEnany and FBN’s Charles Payne discusses former Labor secretary Robert Reich ’s comments on job creation.

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  1. Shareholders and Protesters Blast Bank of America

    FBN's Robert Gray on protesters descending on the annual Bank of America shareholder meeting in North Carolina.

  2. Are You a Jeremiah or a Cassandra on Subprime Credit Cards?

    Do you know the difference between a Jeremiah and a Cassandra? No, not in the obvious sense that one's a man and the other a woman. It's perfectly possible that your...

  3. U.S., Canada and Mexico Meet to Discuss Energy

    The Manhattan Institute’s Robert Bryce on the future of energy in North America.

  4. Analysts' view: What Obama should propose on job creation

    (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Thursday is expected to offer a plan to jump-start flagging U.S. job growth that relies on a package of tax cuts and government...

  5. Credit Rating Agencies’ Impact on Your Finances

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on how a downgrade of the U.S. credit rating could impact the U.S. economy and your finances.

  6. The New Guys in Charge

    Meet your new bosses. Financial bosses that is.There's Deven Sharma, the president of Standard & Poor's, and Michael Rowan, a global managing director of Moody's Inv...

  7. Patriotic for the Wealthy to Pay More Taxes?

    FBN's Neil Cavuto on Fmr. Labor Secretary Robert Reich's claim that it is patriotic for the rich to pay more in taxes.

  8. Deficit-Cut Panel Convenes Amid Skepticism

    With just two months left before it has to issue a final report, a U.S. commission looking at ways to cut the federal deficit was to meet again on Wednesday amid que...

  9. Will BP Survive Gulf Disaster?

    FBN's market experts break down whether the oil giant will remain solvent in the aftermath of the Gulf spill.

  10. Administration Considers BP Criminal Charges

    FBN's Peter Barnes on the oil company facing potential criminal charges because of the oil spill.

  11. Claman: Geithner is Much More Confident Now

    FBN's Liz Claman on interviewing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

  12. Jobs Numbers Hampering Obama Agenda

    The Heritage Foundation's JD Foster on the impact of unemployment to government's agenda.

  1. More underlying issues with the Ferguson case?

    The Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley discusses Fergusons expected rioting and Reich’s comments on customers creating jobs and not CEO’s.

  2. Cain: Obama administration is least-transparent in history

    Former presidential candidate Herman Cain weighs in on Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s resignation, U.S. nuclear talks with Iran, Robert Reich and government regulations.

  3. Cain: Government fails when it tries to regulate wages, income inequality

    Herman Cain weighs in on former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and income inequality.

  4. Iraq keeping a lid on the stock market?

    Capital Wave Forecast’s Shah Gilani, FBN’s Nicole Petallides and Liz MacDonald on the markets, oil prices, Amazon, La-Z-Boy and the Fed.

  5. Are the rich leaving the middle class behind?

    Author Steve Siebold on the increase in millionaire households.

  6. Raising minimum wage would bolster recovery: Obama

    President Barack Obama's proposal to raise the minimum wage is in sync with his push to grow the economy by bolstering the middle class but it puts him at odds with ...

  7. What Will Bring Private Equity Back?

    Siris Capital Group managing director Peter Berger on the fiscal cliff and private equity industry.

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