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Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez : More Cubans Heading To The U.S.

Rick Sanchez talks about Cubans heading to the United States.

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  1. Should Zimmerman trial never have happened?

    Louis Fasulo, Sam Braverman, and Rick Sanchez on whether there was a legal basis for a trial

  2. How will the jury react to Zimmerman's statements?

    Heather Hansen, Louis Fasulo, and Rick Sanchez how the trial's focus on the investigation after the Florida shooting might influence the verdict

  3. Zimmerman trial puts focus on neighborhood watch program

    Tom Ruskin, Rick Sanchez , and Mark Fhurman debate over whether defendant was overzealous

  4. How has social media changed court proceedings?

    Rick Sanchez on how this is seen in the Zimmerman Trial

  5. Will defense seek 2nd amendment support among jury pool?

    Keith Sullivan, Mark Fuhrman, Faith Jenkins and Rick Sanchez on the issue of gun support and how it will influence jury selection in the Zimmerman case

  6. Does Zimmerman Trial represent a ‘culture of fear’?

    Rick Sanchez on what role race will play in the upcoming arraignment

  7. Coulter stirs immigration battle with ‘lazy Latinos’ talk

    Rick Sanchez on the assertion that later generations of Mexican immigrants lack the skills to thrive in U.S.

  8. Fox News Latino: Why James Rosen matters to all of us

    Rick Sanchez on why this is an issue not limited to just the Washington press corps

  9. Is excessive celebration in the eye of the beholder?

    Rick Sanchez gives his thoughts on the need to come up with something better than inadequate rules about celebration in sports

  10. Is immigration a 'human' right?

    Rick Sanchez on Eric Holder's statement that immigration is a 'matter of human and civil rights'

  11. Fox News Latino: Will immigration reform make us safer?

    Rick Sanchez weighs in on the immigration debate and how the Boston bombings have impacted the issue

  12. Venezuela’s choice: Chavez’s legacy or a dismal future

    Rick Sanchez on populists vs. oligarchs

  1. Rick Sanchez : Kim Kardashian 'Charity' Event

    Rick Sanchez talks about Kim Kardashian "charity" event.

  2. Rick Sanchez : Nelson Mandela Leaves A Bona Fide Legacy Of Altruism

    Rick Sanchez offers his thoughts on the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

  3. Rick Sanchez : The Obama-Castro Handshake Is Much Ado About Nothing

    Rick Sanchez offers his thoughts on the controversial handshake between President Obama and Cuba's Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela's memorial.

  4. Rick Sanchez : Obama And Company Hypocritical On Press Freedom

    Rick Sanchez on press freedom.

  5. Rick Sanchez : Pope Francis Is Truly Servant Of The People, Should Be Person Of The Year

    Rick Sanchez offers his thoughts on who should have been the person of the year.

  6. Rick Sanchez : This Thanksgiving Lets Hope For Good Football Calls

    Rick Sanchez talks about ref calls during Thanksgiving football games.

  7. Rick Sanchez : Bashing Someone's Head Is Not A Game

    Rick Sanchez offers his thoughts on the controversial "knockout" game.

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