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Rick Sanchez

Best of the Best of 'Game Plan'

Writing Game Plan over the course of 2010 has been all at once invigorating, engaging, soulful and sometimes a great way to de-stress. Generating two columns a week keeps me on my toes and allows me the privilege of tapping into my treasured gifts of writing and life coaching.How beautiful is that?So it felt meaningful to sift through the year’s 100-plus pieces and take the journey in brief all over again to pick out a few that stood out for me.Blessedly, this forum gave me the opportunity to ‘life coach’ six well-known individuals in the news over the course of the year and bring some perspective to their much-publicized problems – Tiger Woods, Pope Benedict XVI , Mel Gibson, Roger Clemens, Rick Sanchez and Ginni Thomas. While each one was thoughtfully crafted and well-intended, the one that sticks with me as we end the year is “Life Coaching the Pope.”“It’s not too late, but you must take control of those who have been advising you the last few weeks because they are clearly misdirec...

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