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Maureen Dowd

John McCain’s take on Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine crisis

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) on Vladimir Putin and Arizona sports.

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  1. Putin blasts US, American exceptionalism in op-ed

    Reaction from Russia expert Fiona Hill

  2. Obama launches full-court press on Syria

    President hits airwaves in effort to convince American public of need for military response to chemical weapons attack

  3. Foreign policy gamble

    President Obama waiting on Congress’ Syria decision

  4. Power Play 8/19/2013

    Back to work for President Obama. Plus who is coming to President Clinton's party?

  5. Will RNC ban NBC, CNN from GOP debates?

    Reaction to Hillary Clinton film plans

  6. Power Play 8/7/2013

    Air war escalates In Yemen, security worries over Obamacare data hub, and Maureen Dowd pans HRC flicks

  7. Growing scandals draw comparison to Nixon presidency

    Doug Mckelway reports from Washington, D.C.

  8. There's a there, there in Benghazi 'sideshow,' Mr. President

    Sen. Lindsey Graham responds to Pres. Obama's allegations of political motives in ongoing Benghazi scandal

  9. Pentagon: Sexual Assaults in Military on the Rise

    FOX News legal analyst Lis Wiehl and Deirdre Imus on the growing problem in the armed forces.

  10. Power Play 5/6/2013

    Obama's dilemma with a lameduck Congress. Immigration bill: Starting point or finish line? Plus - A new court challenge to Obamacare.

  11. Grapevine: Company branding for NYC realtor

    Offer raise for employees who get logo tattooed

  12. Power Play 5/1/2013

    Fight over Obamacare enters new phase and another Benghazi standoff. Plus - How does President Obama plan to get his agenda through Congress?

  1. Exclusive: Steve Doocy's full interview with Barbara Bush

    Former first lady on 'Fox & Friends'

  2. Barbara Bush on son Jeb's 2016 prospects

    'He is the best qualified person in the country'

  3. Exclusive interview with Barbara Bush

    Steve Doocy sits down with former first lady

  4. KT McFarland’s take on Obama and Hollande

    National security expert KT McFarland weighs in on French President Hollande, the Olympics, John Kerry and The Beatles.

  5. Thomas Friedman remembers Ariel Sharon

    Thomas Friedman of The New York Times remembers the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

  6. Are the media blaming Republicans for the shutdown?

    Press focus on rhetoric instead of issues

  7. Changing the Way the Government Operates

    Radio host Mark Levin on his new book, “The Liberty Amendments.”

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