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Maureen Dowd

‘Selma’ distorting the facts?

FNC political analyst Juan Williams on the controversy over the movie ‘Selma.’

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  1. President Obama on the attack at Correspondents dinner

    ‘The Amateur’ author Ed Klein on the Obama Administration.

  2. Will More Laws Decrease Gun Violence?

    New York Magazine’s Frank Rich on the battle over increased gun legislation.

  3. Benghazi Debate Rages On for Nearly 3 Months

    Author Imogen Lloyd Webber and ABC Radio’s Bernard McGuirk discuss the possible appointment of Susan Rice to Secretary of State.

  4. Should Obama’s Health-Care Law Be All or Nothing?

    Radio host Laura Ingraham on the Supreme Court debate on the president’s health-care plan.

  5. Will Obama’s Policies Make Him a One-Term President?

    Radio talk show hosts Ben Ferguson, Joyce Kaufman and Dom Giordano on the ineffectiveness of Obama’s economic policies.

  6. Is More Spending the Key to Jobs Growth?

    Political Strategist Paul Begala argues Congress should pass the president’s jobs plan and the economy needs government stimulus.

  7. Colmes: We Need More Stimulus

    FOX News Radio’s Alan Colmes discusses why government spending is the key to economic growth.

  8. ABC's Tapper on Liz Taylor, Libya

    ABC's Jake Tapper discusses the president's trip to South America and the news coverage surrounding Elizabeth Taylor

  9. New York Times Again Seeks to Charge for Web News

    The New York Times will begin to charge people to access some of its digital content as it makes another stab at getting readers to pay for digital news.New York Tim...

  10. Ground Zero Mosque Not a Political Issue?

    Beau Dietl & Associates Founder Bo Dietl argues the proposed mosque near Ground Zero should be moved because of the emotions involved, not because of politics.

  11. Obama Family: Demonizes Rich But Lives Like Them?

    FNC contributor Andrea Tantaros argues despite the president waging a war on the rich, the first family is living like the rich with posh vacations.

  12. Criticism Mounts Over First Lady's Spain Trip

    Varney & Co. panel debates First Lady Michelle Obama's trip to Spain and its impact on the White House's image.

  1. The Independents talk meeting Gary Johnson

    FBN’s Kmele Foster, Fox News Contributor Julie Roginsky, Political Prospect editor Kayleigh McEnany and ‘The Bobby Bones Show’ host Bobby Bones discuss musicians and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

  2. Getting high off soda ‘pot’

    Mirth Provisions Creator Adam Stites on the company’s marijuana-infused coffee and soda beverages.

  3. President losing support from the left?

    ‘Media Buzz’ host Howard Kurtz on the media coverage of President Obama and CNN President Jeff Zucker.

  4. Ed Klein on ‘Blood Feud : The Clintons vs. the Obamas’

    Author Ed Klein discusses his book ‘Blood Feud’ about the relationship between the Clintons and the Obamas.

  5. Maureen Dowd ’s bad trip

    Kennedy, Matt Welch and Kmele Foster discuss New York Times writer Maureen Dowd ’s column on edible marijuana.

  6. Will Pope Francis change priest celibacy rules?

    The Mensa panel weighs in on priest celibacy rules, Michael Bloomberg and Maureen Dowd .

  7. Should edible marijuana be regulated by the government?

    FBN’s Stuart Varney weighs in on regulating edible marijuana.

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