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David Brooks

Power Play 1/3/14: ObamaCare will boost ER visits

New study disputes President Obama’s claim

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  1. Andy-gram: Cynicism in defense of liberty is no vice

    TV's Andy Levy challenges New York Times' David Brooks

  2. Postgame Wrap-Up: 6/12/13

    Tom Shillue puts the 'guest ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' guest ombudsman

  3. Political circus? Sen. Barrasso defends Benghazi probe

    Key Republican senator sounds off

  4. Power Play 3/13/2013

    Obama tries to blow past deficit drama, voters disagree. Chris Stirewalt and guests discuss

  5. Power Play 2/26/2013

    Spending fight enters silly statosphere. Plus: Cabinet confirmations

  6. Power Play 10-9-2012

    A new political landscape, campaigns spar over energy policy and the medicare debate

  7. Can Medicare and the economy be used to help Romney?

    Liz Peek and Eric Yaverbaum on whether fiscal issues can really be used to give a bump to the Romney campaign.

  8. Has the US lost its superpower status?

    Donald Trump sounds off

  9. Romney 'off the cuff': political stumble or cold-hard truth?

    Reaction from Laura Ingraham

  10. Full episode: 'Red Eye' 6/18/12

    Diane Macedo, Paul Mecurio, Greg Gutfeld and Gavin McInnes discuss a study claiming couples who have sex early in the relationship have the same quality of relationship as those who put it off

  11. Power Play 08/01/12

    The latest political news straight from the Beltway with Chris Stirewalt.

  12. The presidential race is all about the economy

    John Hlinko and Matt Mackowiak weigh in on the Obama and Romney attacks

  1. David Brooks flamed for pot column

    Critics hammer New York Times columnist

  2. Power Play 12/3/13: Obama readies insurance 'bailout'

    Obama kicks off a re-re-launch of his signature health entitlement program. Plus - press feels iced over lack of access to POTUS

  3. President out of touch with his Administration?

    The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein on concerns the President is unaware of many of the activities and policies of the White House.

  4. Power Play 8/7/2013

    Air war escalates In Yemen, security worries over Obamacare data hub, and Maureen Dowd pans HRC flicks

  5. Reporting the President’s speech on race

    Bernie Goldberg weighs in on media coverage of troubles in the black community

  6. Power Play 7/22/2013: Obama on Zimmerman case

    Was it appropriate for Obama to weigh in on Zimmerman case? Can Detroit be fixed? And is the VA Gov. Debate a litmus test for national elections in 2014? Chris and guests discuss

  7. BIAS BASH: Leakers & journalists: Who's using who?

    Judy Miller discusses the relationship between those who leak government secrets and those who take the leaks and publish them

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