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Charlie Rose

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery continues

CBS News’ Anthony Mason on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and his ‘musical Mt. Rushmore.’

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  1. Peter Berg talks recent film projects with Imus

    Director and producer Peter Berg on ‘Lone Survivor,’ Marcus Luttrell and the HBO sports documentary ‘State of Play.’

  2. Twitter shares hit new high

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides breaks down the day in the markets.

  3. Media swoon for Amazon drones

    'Deliveries to your doorstep' quickly launched into media stratosphere

  4. Drone delivery a real possibility for Amazon?

    CEO: Packages delivered within 30 minutes

  5. Power Play 12/2/13: What's fixed on ObamaCare site?

    What's fixed and what's not on Plus - real deadline looms for ObamaCare coverage.

  6. Explaining the Iran Deal

    Fox News Senior Correspondent Eric Shawn breaks down the deal with Iran.

  7. Yahoo Chief has Advertiser Attention, What About Dollars?

    Three weeks ago, Yahoo Inc Chief Executive Marissa Mayer strode into a Manhattan hotel and was greeted like a rock star by hundreds of advertising executives who sna...

  8. Clayton goes one-on-one with Regis Philbin

    TV hosts new show on Fox Sports 1

  9. Assad suggests U.S. should pay to remove chemical weapons?

    American Islamic Forum for Democracy Zuhdi Jasser on the costs of Syria and President Assad’s PR push.

  10. Is Janet Yellen the likely pick for Fed?

    Former Treasury Department Official John Taylor on Janet Yellen’s views.

  11. Howard and Lauren on 'getting' Assad; Julie Chen's admission

    Why the media gives voice to unfavorable leaders; TV host speaks out on plastic surgery

  12. 091513_assad_505


  1. Sprint Chairman to T-Mobile: Let's Make a Deal

    In a television interview on Monday night, Sprint (NYSE:S) chairman Masayoshi Son said he wants to buy smaller wireless carrier T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) and plans to ...

  2. Gutfeld: CPAC and the media's mockery of CPAC

    Media's hate fueled by fear of opposing views

  3. Bias Bash: Liberal media links global warming with crime

    Jim Pinkerton on news reports arguing warm temperatures cause more violence

  4. Reaction to 'calm amid the storm' in the markets

    Maria Bartiromo weighs in on 'Your World'

  5. RNC looks ready to roll the dice on 2016 plan

    Power Play 1/23/14: Left pushes income inequality, Clintons ramp up fundraising, and RNC looks ahead to 2016

  6. Top White House official on battle over benefits

    Council of Economic Advisers chairman Jason Furman on extending unemployment insurance.

  7. Stossel 12/05/2013: I Play One on TV

    Stossel is joined by actor Kevin Sorbo and others to take a critical look at hypocrisy in Hollywood

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