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Bob Beckel

Gutfeld: Islamophobia shames the victim, not the victimizer

Musician Cat Stevens inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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  1. Brandeis caves to pressure from professors, students, CAIR

    School rescinds offer of honorary degree to critic of Islam

  2. Gutfeld: Dunst's traditional values spark feminist backlash

    Actress under fire for gender role remarks

  3. GOP seeks criminal probe of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner

    House Ways and Means Committee refers Lerner to Justice Department

  4. Gutfeld: Rob Lowe and the problem with being pretty

    Hollywood star faces 'unbelievable bias and prejudice'

  5. Sharpton downplays claims he was an FBI informant

    Community activist turned TV host: 'I did what was right'

  6. Muslim parent says Easter egg flyer violates Constitution

    Majed Moughni defends his position

  7. Is surfing the Web destroying your faith?

    Research shows the Internet could be to blame for drop in religious affiliation

  8. Gutfeld: Mozilla, gay marriage and rise of coercive culture

    Coercion cloaked as compassion is still coercion

  9. Why Beckel has trouble defending Obama

    Former Democratic strategist carries liberal banner at 5 o'clock

  10. David Letterman, last late-night liberal

    Letterman's television legacy

  11. George W. Bush opens up about relationship with Putin

    Former president's revealing anecdote

  12. Gutfeld: What stopped the Fort Hood attack? Another gun

    Our troops deserve better protection

  1. Will Census changes obscure the truth about ObamaCare?

    Critics say it will be more difficult to measure the health care law's impact

  2. Is America any safer from terrorism after Boston bombings?

    Boston marks one-year anniversary of marathon attack

  3. Gutfeld: Big government is grand, if you don't feel its hand

    What's the fairest way to deal with taxes?

  4. Gutfeld: Hollywood turns 9/11 victims into villains

    Tinseltown's Islamophobia phobia

  5. Feds vow legal action after ending Nevada ranch standoff

    Safety concerns prompt federal government to end cattle roundup

  6. Ayaan Hirsi Ali publishes remarks she planned for Brandeis

    Islam critic defends herself

  7. Gutfeld: Race, anger and the attorney general

    Eric Holder cries foul at 'ugly and divisive' treatment

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