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Bill O'Reilly

The media and the race card

Pundits illuminating or inflaming the situation?

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  1. Lois Lerner spoke with DOJ about IRS targeting

    Peter Doocy reports from Washington

  2. Miller Time: Americans ambivalent about Putin?

    Comedian on Putin, Eric Holder, President Obama and race

  3. A low point for getting high

    Talking Points 4/16

  4. Does Dr. Ben Carson owe President Obama an apology?

    A fair and balanced debate on National Prayer Breakfast speech

  5. Calculating your tax refunds

    Tip of the Day 4/15

  6. How did the bible influence our nation's founding?

    Author Angela Kamrath weighs in

  7. Watters' World: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame edition

    Jesse Watters asks some big stars about the divide between conservative country and liberal pop

  8. President Obama stoking resentment?

    Bernie Goldberg weighs in

  9. Will President Obama stop Putin?

    Talking Points 4/14

  10. Will DOJ pursue criminal charges against Lois Lerner?

    Reps. Levin and Boustany weigh in

  11. Calls grow to give Lois Lerner 'immunity' to testify

    House committee holds former IRS official in contempt

  12. What it takes to get fired from the Obama administration

    Talking Points 4/11

  1. Sharpton: Obama 'risen' after being 'politically crucified'

    Reverend stirs controversy for Easter weekend

  2. 200 MPH in 14 seconds: Here’s the fastest car in the world

    John Hennessey of Hennessey performance on the Venom GT.

  3. Atheists sue Clemson football program over prayers

    Complaint claims program is pushing Christianity on players

  4. Atheist group's controversial sign

    Laura Ingraham reacts to atheist sign calling Jesus Christ a myth

  5. Restraint vs. weakness

    Talking Points 4/17

  6. “What We Believe”

    Friday, 8p ET: Join Bill for a special Factor all about religion in America, with some of our most enlightening interviews!

  7. New email from Lois Lerner the smoking gun?

    American Center for Law and Justice’s Jay Sekulow weighs in on Lois Lerner, the DOJ and the IRS scandal.

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