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What Gives You a Kick?

On Sunday afternoon a friend brought me daffodils because I’ve been sidelined with a knee sprain. On Sunday night, the place where she bought them burned down.There they were, blooming on my nightstand, all golden and vibrant. It’s like they made their escape.It is the preciousness of what lives on that has been hitting me from so many directions lately and what we can do to touch base with that. As a New Jersey state trooper and his family deal with the tragic and hopeful fallout from a school bus crash and we witness the ripple effects of fallen idols, I think it explains so much. Namely, why I am a life coach.There are fires and accidents and, yes, there is death. As one friend who lost her mother at a young age said to me the other day about a mutual friend, “He doesn’t understand yet the finality of death.” Sometimes there are no second chances.That, right there, is why I feel so happy when people engage in change or challenge and, in turn, why it’s so frustrating to me when other...

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  1. Reaching for What's Inside Us

    The chills running across my arms didn’t subside for nearly an hour Sunday night. The notion and then the confirmation that Usama bin Laden had been killed hung in t...

  2. CBS results beat forecasts

    By Paul ThomaschNEW YORK (Reuters) - CBS Corp <CBS.N> reported stronger-than-expected quarterly results, helped by healthy ad sales and higher profit margins, and do...

  3. Our Tedious Penchant for Partisanship

    Don’t you wish we could all be presented with a political issue or dilemma and get the facts on both sides, but not have any idea what party benefits either way? Tha...

  4. Facebook Founder Zuckerberg to Speak About 'Social Network' on '60 Minutes'

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is to appear in his first television interview since being portrayed on film in "The Social Network," CBS announced Wednesday.The 26...

  5. CBS Uses ‘Game Change’ to Serve Agenda

    Imus notes the bias against Sarah Palin in the ‘ 60 Minutes ’ report on ‘Game Change’ with authors John Heileman and Mark Halperin.

  6. Perp Walk

    June 19, 2008 03:37 PM UTC by Cheryl CasonePerp WalkWe are going to see many more of them. Not the common thug or the drug lord, but Wall Street executives. This was...

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