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Sean Duffy

Can legislation clear backlog of VA claims?

Rep . Sean Duffy and Army Ranger Sgt. Matt Eversmann weigh in

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  1. Media afraid to ask tough questions about ObamaCare?

    Rep . Sean Duffy weighs in

  2. What is a short sale?

    Fox News legal analyst Bob Massi answers your real estate questions

  3. Shutdown showdown

    Rep . Sean Duffy weighs in on the government shutdown and the debt ceiling debate.

  4. House Republicans urge Senate to return to work today

    Senate urged to return to work to deal with budget deadline

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  6. WI lawmaker on why he voted against the 'fiscal cliff' deal

    Rep . Sean Duffy speaks out

  7. When Will Congress Get Serious?

    Rep . Sean Duffy , (R-Wis.), and Rep. Jason Altmire, (D-Pa.), on finding a solution to the fiscal cliff.

  8. Good news, bad news for GOP in Wisconsin

    Mitt Romney failed to win running mate Paul Ryan's home state, but Republicans took the state Senate

  9. Jeb Bush: Our future as a nation is at stake

    Former Florida governor addresses the Republican National Convention

  10. Should Republicans concede youth vote to Democrats?

    Rep . Sean Duffy weighs in

  11. Nice (Government) Job if You Can Get It

    A new study from the Congressional Budget Office undercuts the argument from progressive policy shops and union leaders that government workers make less money than ...

  12. Crackdown on insider trading on Capitol Hill

    Senate considers new legislation to combat issue

  1. Can the GOP compete for Millennials' votes?

    Rep . Sean Duffy weighs in

  2. Rep . Sean Duffy : rising Republican star

    Wisconsin lawmaker on 'Fox & Friends'

  3. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is rising Democratic star

    Political up-and-comer on 'Fox & Friends'

  4. White House vows to veto congressional ObamaCare fix

    Reaction from Rep . Sean Duffy

  5. Reid, McConnell deal on debt ceiling finalized

    Wendell Goler reports from Washington, D.C.

  6. Rhetoric to the end ... is a budget deal still in reach?

    Political chess game and brinkmanship continue over budget plan and ObamaCare as debt ceiling quickly approaches

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