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Rep. Mike Pence

Push for Spending Cuts as Government Shutdown Approaches

Rep . Mike Pence , (R-Ind.), on efforts to achieve deeper spending cuts in the budget.

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  1. Congress Investigates 998-Point Market Plunge

    Rep. Scott Garrett, (R-NJ), on Congress' investigation into what caused the record drop in the markets and if more safeguards are necessary to protect investors.

  2. EPA Bad for American Jobs?

    Rep . Mike Pence , (R-IN), voices his concerns with the Environmental Protection Agency.

  3. Congressman Sounds Off on Climate Bill

    Rep . Mike Pence on why he disagrees with climate change legislation.

  1. If You Give a State Some Funding….It’s Going to Ask for More

    This recession has been what one expert called "shock and awe for state governments." States are facing budget gaps many have never seen before.In the coming year, 3...

  2. Republican to Push Inflation-Only Fed Bill

    A top Republican on Thursday said he will push for legislation paring back the Federal Reserve's mandate to focus solely on controlling inflation, not ensuring full ...

  3. GOP Rejects State Bailouts

    Former Clinton advisor Doug Schoen on Republicans' warning to state governments that there will not be any federal bailouts.

  4. FOMC Member OK With Call to Eliminate Dual Mandate

    A Federal Reserve bank president Wednesday weighed into an emerging battle in Washington over the central bank's long-standing "dual mandate," which requires it to g...

  5. America on the Decline?

    Rep . Mike Pence breaks down why recent government actions have weakened the American economy.

  6. Republicans want Fed focus solely on inflation

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two U.S. Republican lawmakers said on Tuesday the Federal Reserve should focus solely on inflation and ditch its "dual mandate" to promote bot...

  7. Fed's $600B Plan a Gift or Burden?

    FBN's market experts break down the Fed's decision to add continued liquidity into the market.

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