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Rep. Louise Slaughter

On-Campus Credit Card Deals Fading Away

Their on-campus credit card activities now closely monitored by federal regulators, financial institutions increasingly are turning to debit cards, prepaid cards and bank accounts to attract college students into financial relationships, according to a new government report.The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reported this week that marketing promotions and profitable deals between credit card issuers and colleges and universities have declined significantly since new federal rules took effect in 2009.But similarly lucrative deals involving debit cards, prepaid cards and bank accounts -- all unaffected by the new regulations -- are on the rise. In fact, unmonitored marketing relationships involving debit and prepaid cards and bank accounts now outnumber campus-related credit card agreements, the CFPB reported.Consumer advocates and other critics have asserted for years that such deals between schools and financial institutions prey on young, unsophisticated college ...

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  1. Former White House Counsel to IRS: Pull Media Matters’ Tax-Exempt Status

    Second in a three-part seriesC. Boyden Gray, former White House counsel to President George H.W. Bush , filed a civilian complaint with the IRS against the nonprofit...

  2. More Economic Woes for Obama White House? Part 2

    Radio host Neal Boortz on S&P's downgrade of U.S. rating, debt ceiling showdown

  3. Self-Executing Rule Considered for Health Care

    FBN’s Rich Edson on Democrats considering using the self-executing rule to pass health-care reform in the House without a full vote.

  4. Limbaugh Urges Fans to Call Congress

    James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal weighs in on Rush Limbaugh's efforts in rallying viewers against the health-care reform bill.

  5. Boustany: We'll Work With Anyone Willing

    Rep. Charles Boustany, (R-La.), offers his outlook on the relationship between Republicans and Democrats in the 112th Congress.

  6. How Will Congress Respond to Arizona Shooting Spree?

    Rep. Sherman on congressional response to Tucson tragedy

  7. Beck: Rhetoric and Violence

    Don't shoot the messenger

  8. Political Speech to Blame for Tucson Tragedy?

    Lawmakers suggest new laws and regulations

  9. Bullet-Proof?

    U.S. Army body armor recalled by inspector general

  10. Reps. Cantor, Van Hollen on 'FNS'

    Key lawmakers on crunch time for reform in Congress

  11. House Happenings With Health Care

    'All-Star' panel on votes in House for reform bill

  12. What Is the 'Slaughter Solution'?

    Possible new tactic by Democrats to pass through health care bill has GOP up in arms

  1. Obama Shortens Asia Trip Amid Shutdown

    President Barack Obama on Wednesday scaled down a long-planned trip to Asia, as a U.S. government shutdown entered a second day with no end in sight to the funding r...

  2. Power Play 8-30-2012

    House Republicans and their prospects for the election, Ann Romney impact on the campaign and Mitt Romney takes center stage. That and more with Chris Stirewalt live from theRNC convention.

  3. Power Play 7-11-2012

    Romney returns fire. Why another repeal vote? And fiscal cliff dead ahead. That and more...

  4. Why Another Repeal Vote?

    Chris Stirewalt and his guests discuss the health care repeal vote.

  5. Holman: Stock Act is Good, Just a Missed Opportunity

    Government Affairs lobbyist Craig Holman weighs in on the Stock Act battle.

  6. US House Passes Modified Insider Trading Bill

    WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation Thursday to tighten insider-trading rules in Congress, voting 417-2 in favor of the bi...

  7. US House Republicans Introduce Bill Banning Insider Trading

    U.S. House Republicans late Tuesday introduced their version of a bill to explicitly ban insider trading by lawmakers and their staff, but altered provisions of a Se...

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