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Rep. John Larson

Congress Plots Safety Investigation into GM

The U.S. congressional investigation into General Motors Co automobile defects will bring aggressive scrutiny to a company with powerful lobbying clout and strong ties on Capitol Hill.GM's recall of 1.6 million vehicles, due to an ignition-switch problem linked to 12 fatalities, has put the Detroit automaker in Congress' cross hairs, with potentially dramatic hearings kicking off in April.GM Chief Executive Mary Barra is scheduled to testify on April 1 to a U.S. House of Representatives panel investigating the ignition problem. In what could be a preview of such testimony, Barra on Monday declared in a video that "something went wrong with our process" and "terrible things happened."The handling of the defect by GM, which first noticed it in 2001, and federal regulators is the top priority of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, according to aides.Congressional investigations into consumer safety issues always have the potential of becoming a public relations nightmare for...

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  2. Clyburn Defends 'Deem and Pass'

    House majority whip says using a no-vote tactic to pass the Senate health care bill would be 'nothing unusual'

  3. Do Democrats Have the Votes?

    Rep. Larson says Democrats are closing in on passage of health care reform; claims 'deem and pass' fears are 'overblown'

  4. Health Care Rally

    GOP calls on Americans to push Republican reform bill

  5. 'Solid Support'

    Rep. Larson thinks Dems have votes to pass House health care bill

  6. GOP Not Impressed With Health Care 2.0

    House Minority Whip Eric Cantor says revised reform plan doesn't address biggest concerns

  7. GOP's Stubborn Health Care Stand?

    Rep. Larson says Republicans should 'stop saying no' and work with Democrats on reform

  8. Independent's Take on Fall Elections

    Sen. Joe Lieberman thinks independent voters will play a vital role in November

  9. Talking Points: 6/17

    Who exactly is hurting you at the gas pump?

  10. Stop Speculating!

    Rep . John Larson (D-CT) tells Alan that speculators, not increased demand, are driving up the cost of gas

  11. House may vote on tax cuts Thursday -Van Hollen

    By Kim DixonWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives may vote Thursday on a measure to let income tax rates to rise for the wealthiest 2 percent of U.S. h...

  12. The Spending Leviathan That Just Won't Die

    November 19, 2009 01:23 PM UTC by John StosselThe Spending Leviathan That Just Won't DieThe Obama administration is poised to extend the life of the highly unpopular...

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    A.B. Stoddard weighs in

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    Potential outcomes of Supreme Court decision

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    Connecticut lawmaker on deal efforts

  5. Who Benefits From a Carbon Tax?

    Rep . John Larson on impact of green taxing.

  6. Democrat on Health-Care Bill

    Rep . John Larson (D-CT) on voting for the house health-care bill.

  7. Kick All the TARP CEOs Out

    Why Rep . John Larson is calling for new leadership on Wall Street

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