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Rep. Jim Clyburn

Grapevine: Sour grapes? Bill Clinton's late-night phone call

Rep . James Clyburn recounts choice words from former president

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  1. Congress Strives for Deal to Avert Shutdown

    Rep . James Clyburn weighs in

  2. Coming Up on 'FNS': November 13

    Super Committee members Sen. Pat Toomey and Rep . James Clyburn

  3. How Big Business Influences The Super Committee Members

    “All politics is local”–Thomas Phillip “Tip” O’Neill, Jr., Speaker of the House, 1977 to 1987Twelve members of Congress have been tasked with producing legislation t...

  4. Can Substantial Spending Cuts be Achieved?

    Rep . James Clyburn , (D-SC), on efforts to make significant cuts in government spending.

  5. Special Interests Are Big Backers of Deficit Super Committee Members

    Let the gridlock begin where it always does, with political donations.The bipartisan "super committee" created under the debt ceiling deal that is supposed to come u...

  6. Politicians Use Tax $$ to Name Buildings After Themselves

    When it comes to politicians using your tax dollars to rename public properties after themselves, have you ever asked yourself, is America turning into Uzbekistan?Wa...

  7. Grapevine: Lawmaker Color Bind?

    Rep . James Clyburn objects to interview quote about Obama's race

  8. More Spending Necessary to Fix Economy

    Rep . James Clyburn , (D-S.C.), on the need for more spending.

  9. Health-Care Reform Gaining Momentum?

    House Majority Whip Rep . James Clyburn (D-SC) on the future of the reform plan.

  10. Breaking It Down

    Rep . James Clyburn on health care!

  11. An Honorable Person

    Rep . James Clyburn on Van Jones

  12. Democratic Leader Calls for Ethanol in Tax Bill

    A renewed tax break for blenders of ethanol should be included in tax-cut legislation being negotiated in Congress and the White House , a high-ranking Democrat in t...

  1. Debate over immediacy of debt crisis

    Rep . James Clyburn weighs in

  2. Rep . James Clyburn on fixing Social Security

    Debate over what we can do now?

  3. 21 Dems Vote for President to Raise Debt Ceiling

    Rep . James Clyburn , (D-S.C.), discusses why he wants to give the president the power to raise the debt ceiling.

  4. Rep . James Clyburn : Romney's Work as Investor Involved "Raping Companies"

    Obama Romney

  5. Rep . James Clyburn on South Carolina primary

    Key Democrat rates GOP contenders

  6. How likely is a Gingrich Win in South Carolina?

    Rep . James Clyburn , (D-S.C.), on Newt Gingrich’s surge in the polls ahead of the South Carolina Primary.

  7. Democratic reaction to GOP presidential debate

    Rep . James Clyburn weighs in

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